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Microsoft 365 offers essential office applications fortified with robust security measures to protect documents and ensure they're accessed by authorized personnel. In tandem, OneTrust Data Discovery equips organizations with AI capabilities to classify and catalog data across departments, unveiling low-visibility data, pinpointing risk zones, and collecting metadata for efficient data governance.   

Microsoft 365 and OneTrust

The integration process is methodically constructed. Initially, OneTrust Data Discovery constructs a comprehensive data catalog, probing both structured and unstructured data of an organization. This catalog permits validation of the data map, application of regulatory insights, and constant oversight of all data assets. Within the discovery process, Microsoft files are classified and OneTrust aligns classification tags with Microsoft Purview’s Information Protection sensitivity labels. These tags are sensitivity classifications like 'Confidential' or 'Proprietary ' that enable Microsoft to dictate access and distribution protocols. OneTrust further fortifies this by enabling bidirectional classification with Microsoft Purview and introduces data security, regulatory measures, and privacy policies. This ensures that the organization's data adheres to strict guidelines concerning retention, access, and responsible use. In the event that data in Office365 violates a policy, automated remediation actions are triggered to resolve the issue, such as deleting a file which has exceeded its retention period. 

The key benefits of this integration encompass several domains.  

  • It empowers businesses to monitor unstructured data across their data stores, centralizes Microsoft file classification based on sensitivity and risk parameters, and curbs data sprawl, ensuring confidential files remain secure 
  • Tackling data sprawl is particularly challenging with unstructured data; however, the integration provides insights into data being maintained out of policy, such as redundant, obsolete, and trivial data, and provides automations that enable data minimization 
  • Further, it recognizes and manages unstructured data that typically eludes data maps, such as email attachments, ensuring compliance and security 

In essence, with OneTrust Data Discovery combined with Microsoft 365, data classification and data governance policy application become streamlined, establishing OneTrust Data Discovery as the chief system for regulatory intelligence and data management. 

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