How does Microsoft 365 integrate with OneTrust Data Discovery?

Ensure that your files have the appropriate access tags and sync across platforms seamlessly

Sam Curcuruto
Senior Product Marketing Manager, OneTrust Data Discovery
June 2, 2023

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OneTrust Data Discovery powers organizations with AI and machine learning to, as the name suggests, discover all the data stored and in use across all departments. It helps uncover data with low visibility, identifies areas of risk that need to be mitigated, and captures metadata to help set controls and policies for effective data governance.  

Microsoft 365 provides all the office applications that companies run on, along with the required security parameters to ensure that documents are safe and in the right hands. 


How does the integration work? 


Step 1: Comprehensive data inventory 

OneTrust Data Discovery scans through your organization’s structured and unstructured data to build an all-encompassing data catalog. On top of this data catalog, you can validate your data map, apply regulatory intelligence, and maintain continuous visibility into your entire data estate. 

Step 2: Data classification (Microsoft to OT) 

For Microsoft files, OneTrust can synchronize file classifications from Microsoft Purview’s Information Protection tags. Additionally, any classifications applied to files in the OneTrust data catalog can be synchronized to Microsoft Purview.   

What are Microsoft Purview Information Protection tags? 

These classifications are present on Microsoft documents, helping you define access and sharing policies. They include different sensitivity classifications such as Confidential, Sensitive, Proprietary, or Restricted.  

Step 3: Data policies 

OneTrust not only enables two-way classification between Microsoft Purview and the OneTrust data catalog, but also can apply regulatory classifications, data security, and privacy policies ensuring that data has appropriate retention, deletion, access, and regulatory restrictions in place to ensure responsible use of that data across your organization. 

What are the main benefits of the integration? 

When integrating with Microsoft 365, it allows your business to account for unstructured data across your infrastructure, classify your Microsoft files based on sensitivity, risk, and sharing policies from a centralized database, and prevent data sprawl – making sure that confidential files don’t make their way around your organization.   


Prevent data sprawl  

When it comes to unstructured data, making sure that the right policies are applied to each document is always a challenge. This integration helps you control access rules for documents from a centralized data catalog, while reflecting changes in OneDrive.  


Unstructured data mapping 

Unstructured data has a way of staying off data maps due to its inherent nature of not being able to fit into a pre-defined database, posing a risk of privacy non-compliance and data security for your business. With this integration, any documents that sit on emails as attachments, or other prime areas for unstructured data, get accounted for with the appropriate data permissions applied.  


Classification made easy   

OneTrust Data Discovery with Microsoft 365 makes classifying data and applying the required policies a breeze as OneTrust Data Discovery serves as the central, real-time system of record for regulatory intelligence, data cataloging, and policy controls.  


About OneTrust Data Discovery

OneTrust exists to unlock every company’s potential to thrive by doing what’s good for people and the planet. We partner with our customers on their trust transformation, as we believe what’s good for society is good for business. OneTrust Data Discovery helps organizations understand where enterprise data lives, govern it effectively, and protect its data's privacy, security, and integrity. 


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