Value Chain Accounting and Reporting

Built-in carbon accounting standards and streamlined interactions

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Leading Methodology

TÜV certified and all calculations are fully compliant with leading carbon accounting standards like GHG Protocol.

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Streamlined Interactions

Data collection is simplified by enabling collaboration with your suppliers and integrations that save time and effort.

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Built to Scale

No matter how small or large your organization, we help every step of the way to support your Scope 3 carbon accounting efforts.

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Detailed Analysis

Gain actionable insights based on hotspot analysis and industry benchmarking to get a better understanding of your suppliers’ emissions.

Bring Emissions Transparency to Your Supply Chain

Scope 3 Carbon Accounting Dashboard Example

Calculate Your Scope 3 Carbon Footprint

Scope 3 emissions include the remainder of indirect GHG emissions not included in Scope 2, which occur outside the organization such as in the supply chain or during travel and commuting. Planetly by OneTrust supports you in accurately measuring and mitigating Scope 3 carbon emissions.

Supply Chain Transparency Example

Bring Carbon Transparency to Your Supply Chain

Use a single dashboard to identify the carbon footprint for single products or product lines to identify carbon drivers and reduction opportunities. Involve your suppliers in the calculation process to optimize accuracy and results.

Supplier Evaluation Dashboard Example

Track Supply Chain Performance Over Time

Set supplier emissions targets and track performance improvements over time. Determine new reduction opportunities within your supply chain and communicate actions taken or improvements made with key stakeholders.

Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

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