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Data Subject Rights and Consent Management

Automate the fulfillment of data subject rights requests and the collection of valid consent.

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Data Mapping Automation

Streamline the discovery, classification, and mapping of consumer data.

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Incident Management

Track, manage and report on incidents and automate incident response workflows.

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Risk Assessments

Manage internal and vendor risk with PIAs, Privacy by Design (PbD), and vendor risk assessments.

Screen from the Brazil LGPD Compliance module that shows DSAR requests by location and date.

Automate Data Subject Requests with LGPD Response Workflows

Simplify data subject requests and automate every phase of the process including intake, identity verification, data discovery, deletion, and secure response.

A consent receipts screen from the Brazil LGPD Compliance module that breaks down consent by purpose and date and represents this all through line graphs and pie charts.

Manage Consent, Preferences and Policies Across All Channels

Comply with LGPD consent requirements and maintain a central consent database across all collection points. Easily configure and embed user-facing preference centers and centrally draft, manage and distribute public-facing and internal policies and notices.

A dataflow chart from source to deletion from the Brazil LGPD Compliance module.

Streamline Data Discovery and Classification to Build an Evergreen Data Map

Discover and classify data across structured and unstructured data in cloud, on-premises, and legacy systems. Link data to identities and map to data inventories to document internal data flows and transfers to third parties.

An incident management workflow builder from the Brazil LGPD Compliance module.

Manage Internal and Vendor Risk with PIAs, Privacy by Design, and Vendor Risk Assessments

Leverage pre-built LGPD assessment templates complete with automated risk flagging. Link PIAs, PbD, and Vendor Assessments back to your Data Map for full visibility into data flows and associated risks.

Screen from the Brazil LGPD Compliance module that breaks down security incidents by type and stages.

Respond to Incidents and Comply with LGPD Breach Notification Obligations

Centrally track, manage, and report on incidents and automate your incident investigations and workflows. Link incidents to your Data Map to fully understand incident risk and severity.

Screen from the Brazil LGPD Compliance module that shows compliance maturity over time.

Track and Benchmark Your LGPD Program Maturity

Track the maturity of your program against the requirements of the LGPD and other global privacy and security laws and frameworks. Benchmark your program against similar organizations by size, industry, and region.

Accelerate Time to LGPD Compliance with OneTrust

Operationalize and automate LGPD requirements with OneTrust.

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