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Nevada Privacy Law Compliance

Automate Nevada Privacy Law compliance for your organization

Streamline response to Do Not Sell requests and accelerate Nevada Privacy Law compliance with the OneTrust Privacy and Data Governance Cloud. 

Nevada Privacy Law Compliance

Operationalize Nevada Privacy Law requirements

The OneTrust Privacy and Data Governance Cloud simplifies the intake and fulfillment of consumer rights requests and automates data discovery, classification, and mapping so you can comply with the regulation and build trust with consumers.  

Automate the consumer request process including intake, ID verification, data discovery, deletion, and secure response. Facilitate opt-out of sale requests with pre-built templates and deploy across owned and third-party platforms. 

Track verifiable consumer consent and sync across systems to avoid unauthorized sale of data, offer a customized preference center, and maintain central records of consent to demonstrate compliance. 

User interface (UI) elements from the Consent and Preference Management module that show the number of consent transactions, the total receipts, and a circle graph breaking down the receipts by purpose.

Maintain up-to-date mapping of your IT systems, business processes, and third parties. Deploy through automated data discovery and semi-automated assessments.

Visual data flow that shows how information from two customers ended up in an Adobe Analytics database.

Centrally track, manage, and report on incidents and automate your incident investigations and workflows. Link incidents to your Data Map to fully understand incident risk and severity. 

User interface (UI) from the Security Incident Management module that shows the number of open incidents, a circle graph that breaks down the incidents by type, and a bar graph displaying the incidents by organization.

February 28, 2024

Unlocking value through responsible use of data

Learn about the data privacy maturity model and how your privacy teams can move beyond compliance to become strategic enablers for their business.


We address some of the basics about the Nevada Privacy Law to support your compliance and trust transformation journey.  

The Nevada Privacy Law and Senate Bill 220 (SB-220) was enacted in 2019 and went into effect on October 1, 2021. It amended an earlier online privacy law and gives Nevada citizens the right to opt out of sale of their personal information.  

The law applies to anyone who sells or conducts business with Nevada or Nevada citizens and collects and maintains personal information of state residents. This includes commercial website operators and data brokers. Certain entities are exempt, such as third-party hosting providers, health care professionals covered under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), and mechanics who collect data while servicing a motor vehicle.  

Companies must allow Nevada citizens to opt out of the sale of their personal information. They must create an address where individuals can submit their privacy rights request and respond to those requests within 60 days.  

Our Privacy and Data Governance Cloud operationalizes the law’s requirements. It streamlines the opt-out of sale requests with pre-built templates, automated verifiable consent tracking and recordkeeping. Our regulatory database powered by legal experts helps stay up to date with the law’s amendments. 

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