Ann Cavoukian Founds New Privacy Council: GPSbyDesign

Last week, Ann Cavoukian – one of our trusted advisors and creator of the concept of Privacy by Design – announced the creation of the International Council on Global Privacy and Security by Design, dubbed “GPSbyDesign.”

With this new council, Cavoukian aims to educate stakeholders and dispel the myth that organizations have to choose between privacy and public safety or business interests, like big data analytics.

“I think the time has come where we have to get people all around the world to join in spreading the word that you can have privacy and security, privacy and public safety, privacy and business interests,” Cavoukian said in a statement. “I want to change the prevailing zero-sum mindset that pits the interest of privacy versus the interest of security.”

Holding true the belief that public and private organizations are capable of developing win-win solutions that appease all of the aforementioned interests, GPSbyDesign will work with companies, national privacy commissioners, and technology professionals to raise awareness for Privacy by Design.

Part of what led to Cavoukian’s decision to launch the council was government surveillance and requests for access to communications post-terrorist attacks.

Cavoukian has set three goals for the council:

  • Educate politicians, businesses, government, media, and the public that systems can and must be engineered to protect both privacy and security
  • Create policy templates that can show how privacy can be applied to technologies in the digital age
  • Foster technology innovation in academic institutions around the world in the interest of privacy, public safety, and business interests (such as big data and data analytics) without sacrificing either privacy or security proclaims surveillance to be the “antithesis of privacy,” as it leads to decreases in creativity and innovation. The council aims to demonstrate through education by example that mass surveillance of personal data isn’t necessary to keep society safe.

“Please join me in reaching for the stars and creating a world where both privacy and security can not only co-exist, but lead to greater developments: innovation and prosperity can abound, with our freedoms remaining unchecked,” Cavoukian continued. “Let that be the world we leave for our children and future generations.”