CCPA amendments are one step closer to becoming law. Friday, September 13 was the deadline for the California legislature to pass the proposed CCPA amendments before the Legislature adjourns. The bills that passed both houses on Friday will be submitted to California Governor Gavin Newsom, who will have until October 13 to sign the bills into law. The bills that didn’t make the vote can still become part of the CCPA eventually, but the law will likely not be amended ahead of its January 1, 2020 effective date.

More information can be found in our CCPA Amendment tracker.

Highlights on the Bills Awaiting Governor Newsom’s Signature:

AB-25 –  Exemption of employee from definition of consumer (One of the most eagerly awaited amendments)

AB-1355 – Clean-up & addressing differential treatment and disclosures

AB-874 – Carve outs from the ‘personal information’

AB-1146 – Exemption for vehicle information

AB-1564 – Consumer requests

Highlights on the Bills That Didn’t Make It:

AB-981 – Insurance Transactions

AB-873 – Definition of Personal Information

AB-846 – Ordered to inactive file at the request of Senator Jackson (12/09/19).

AB-1395 – Hearing Cancelled at the Request of the Author (07/09/19).

AB-1416 – Hearing Canceled at the Request of Author (07/09/19).

Other California Bills Related to Privacy

AB-1138 failed (motion to reconsider made by Assembly Member Gallagher)Social media: Parent’s Accountability and Child Protection Act

AB-1202 passed and ready to be presented to the GovernorData broker requirements

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