With the CCPA amendments signed into law, privacy experts are discussing what this means for businesses and the industry as we move forward into 2020. From tech giants to small businesses, the CCPA is making everyone fall in line. The final amendments now provide organizations a guideline for what they must do to fully meet CCPA compliance. Although the CCPA will not take effect until January 1, 2020, many businesses are taking a wise approach and preparing well in advance to comply with the requirements. 

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The CCPA requirements for businesses include: 

The companies that are preparing for these requirements may have already had a taste of global regulations and increasing data misuse and the reputational damage that can come with it. Instead of seeing the CCPA as a final destination for their privacy program, organizations are taking advantage of the recent CCPA changes to step up their continuing privacy program efforts. 

As companies prepare for the CCPA, it is essential to remember that a privacy program will need to adapt and change according to, not only privacy law but the needs of the company as well. Regardless of where you are with your privacy program, it is never too late to start planning for your CCPA compliance readiness. OneTrust for CCPA is a full set of scalable privacy management software solutions and services specifically designed to implement CCPA requirements and workflows to support a global privacy program. 

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