IAPP & OneTrust Platform Supports Compliance with Data Transfer Regulations 

As organizations around the world face a challenging environment for transferring personal data out of the EU, it is important to identify gaps and create organizational awareness. In response, OneTrust and the Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), have partnered together to provide a complimentary online platform to help organizations assess their readiness to meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Privacy Shield and Binding Corporate Rules for Processors and Controllers (BCR). 

Free for IAPP members and built with insight from the OneTrust team of privacy professionals, the new tool is a great example of the IAPP community working together to help each other meet whatever privacy and data protection challenges are presented by an ever-changing regulatory environment. The EU Data Transfer Kit is OneTrust’s second complimentary product launched in partnership with the IAPP. 

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The EU Data Transfer Kit provides an innovative and efficient approach to helping organizations evaluate their readiness to meet the obligations of GDPR, Privacy Shield and BCRs in three steps: 

  1. Complete a readiness questionnaire for each selected EU policy 
  2. Automatically generate a gap analysis and recommended plan of action 
  3. Run reports and track progress towards policy readiness 

The success of the PIA platform has made it clear there is tremendous demand for technology-based solutions that help privacy professionals automate and operationalize their compliance efforts. OneTrust is committed to offering the most comprehensive services to IAPP members, and today’s launch of the EU Transfer Kit, is a proofpoint of OneTrust delivering on this commitment. 

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