Today OneTrust launched Build a CCPA Privacy Program with OneTrust, a free, half-day online summit to help companies prepare their privacy programs for the CCPA, address common CCPA challenges and leverage the CCPA as a stepping stone to build a comprehensive privacy program.

Register now: Build a CCPA Privacy Program with OneTrust, Thursday, Sept. 5 at 9:30am PDT and 09:30 BST and join the discussion on LinkedIn.

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) introduces new rights for California residents, requiring organizations that fall within the scope of the CCPA to make structural changes to their privacy programs. The two biggest CCPA preparedness obstacles organizations face are a lack of time and bandwidth, followed by the complexity of the law and uncertainty as to what the final requirements will be. With new and emerging global regulations, increasing data misuse, and the reputational damage associated with a privacy breach, many organizations are also leveraging the CCPA to kickstart a comprehensive privacy program.

It’s important for organizations to start preparing for the CCPA now, but uncertainty around the law is causing hesitation for many organizations who aren’t sure how to get started. Build a CCPA Privacy Program with OneTrust will address key CCPA compliance areas and how to overcome common CCPA challenges. At the half-day online summit, a panel of CCPA experts will outline specific sections within the law expected to make the most impact on businesses and discuss how a holistic approach to CCPA compliance can set the right trajectory for supporting a global privacy program.

The agenda includes:

  • Keynote Presentation with OneTrust executive leadership
  • CCPA: What You Need to Know & Tools to Prepare
  • Adapting for CCPA Consumer Rights Management and “Do Not Sell”
  • Streamline Your Privacy Management Program to Adhere to Unique CCPA Requirements
  • Live Q&A session

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