OneTrust and the PrivacyConnect Chapter Chairs are closing out PrivacyConnect 2020 strong with tons of regional events across the globe for you to connect with your local privacy, security, and governance community of professionals from the comfort of your own home.

Don’t miss your last chance this year to join your local PrivacyConnect Chapter, meet your PrivacyConnect Chapter Chairs, and hear from a local panel of privacy professionals about the latest trends in your region.

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What is PrivacyConnect?

PrivacyConnect brings together privacy, security, and governance professionals that live within the same city on the latest regulatory updates, requirements, and trends. Through free online events and Chapter Chair-driven activities, PrivacyConnect fosters community while providing professionals with the tools they need for operational compliance.

I’ve already attended PrivacyConnect this year. Should I sign up again?

Yes! Starting in November, PrivacyConnect features an entirely new agenda and local expert panel. Every time PrivacyConnect comes to your city we bring you the latest trends and topics important to your region.

What’s new on the PrivacyConnect 2020 agenda?

This quarter, PrivacyConnect will cover how understanding your data – where it is, how to find it, and what to do with it – is a critical next step for evolving your privacy program. The session will cover:

  • Legal basis of data discovery
  • The three “Vs” of data (volume, velocity, variety) and why they matter to privacy pros
  • Data discovery objectives, priorities, goals, and key steps
  • How data discovery and data maps work together

Select cities will also feature a panel of local experts from your city discussing the latest trends and enforcement actions in your region.

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Next steps on PrivacyConnect 2020:

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