Making trust real: An unwavering journey — for us 

April 17, 2023


How does your business create trust? How does it abide by those values and measure if what’s being done is working? What does trust even mean to your business?  

These are the questions businesses should be asking themselves. And they’re also the questions we ask of ourselves here at OneTrust.  

What we’ve learned along the way is that the road to trust is a continuous journey, not a one-stop-shop or box to be checked. It’s a path we’re all traveling together — albeit at different stages — and it guides every conversation we have, product we design, and decision we make.   

Our foundation for building trust has three components: People, product, and process. We know we can’t move forward without all three coexisting, as each component overlaps and supports the others.  

Venn diagram of people, process, and product intersecting to create trust

Looking through a security, ethics, and product strategy lens, we sat down with a few of our colleagues — individuals empowered to create and manage internal trust at our company — to discuss what this all means. In the following short videos, you’ll hear from those charged with cultivating the people, product, and process at OneTrust explain how trust is the foundation of their core responsibilities. From technology built on trust to generational differences around brand loyalty, the following interviews shed light on how we create and execute at OneTrust.  

Products built on trust 

Blake Brannon, OneTrust’s Chief Product and Strategy Officer, gave his insight into how software can have trust baked into its solution. As the leader of the company’s product strategy, the why of what he does must be rooted in trust.   

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"Just like any company, OneTrust itself is on our own trust journey… It’s really just about being transparent in everything from our product roadmaps, what we are and are not able to build, the SLAs (service-level agreements) of the product, the availability, and even being vulnerable but also accountable when we have issues and make mistakes."


Blake Brannon, Chief Product & Strategy Officer, OneTrust

Culture eats compliance

Jisha Dymond, OneTrust’s Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, explained that while her team’s remit is to ensure the company’s compliance posture is fortified, it’s actually building a trustworthy culture that makes the difference. If an exemplary culture isn’t created, customers will quickly notice and turn away, she says.  

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"If you don’t have a great culture, if you don’t have your leadership living the values every day and setting examples for people, it’s not going to work."


Jisha Dymond, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, OneTrust

Process becomes best practice

Tim Mullen, OneTrust’s Chief Information Security Officer, recognizes that working in tandem with other business units in the company and treating his own department as “customer zero” is the quickest way to establish a trust-based business. This leads to direct partnerships and consistent collaboration with product and legal teams to ensure best practices for process across the board.   

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"We want to be customer zero at OneTrust. We want to be a resource to our product organization, to provide a level of response to how the product works, what works and what doesn’t, and provide that feedback."


Tim Mullen, Chief Information Security Officer, OneTrust

Navigating the road ahead

We’ve been on this trust journey since 2016, and we’ll continue down this path as new regulations, products, and technologies come along.   

Unifying the needs of privacy, security, ethics, and ESG business units isn’t just about using technology to fill a gap. Rather, it’s to create partnerships and transparency internally to become a trusted organization for current and future partners.

We’re excited to continue partnering with other companies who know trust is not just a byproduct of their business, rather a necessity to do good in the world.   

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