OneTrust Joins the Cloud Security Alliance

At today’s RSA USA Conference, OneTrust announced our strategic partnership with Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), a global leader in secure cloud computing best practices. Staying true to OneTrust’s mission in delivering practical solutions for complex regulatory requirements, we teamed up to integrate General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidance for third-party vendor assessments into CSA’s assessment framework.

Additionally, available to OneTrust customers, we announced a first-to-market cloud vendor assessment framework which audits the security controls and privacy maturity of an organization’s current and prospective third-party vendors.

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Managing vendor risk is a continuous effort under the GDPR since third-party service providers are a critical component of business processes. Although CSA framework’s is the most effective and widely used to evaluate the security risk of these vendors, the assessment process will become even more difficult as cloud vendors assume the role of processors under the GDPR. This new role will make them accountable for a wider set of data protection obligations and drastically impact operational costs and procedures.

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In teaming up with CSA, OneTrust simplifies the assessment process of third-party vendors, helping organizations operationalize GDPR compliance while also meeting the required cloud vendor security controls as outlined by CSA. Because of this new partnership, OneTrust customers can streamline their vendor operations and utilize a comprehensive GDPR compliance and CSA vendor security template, which combines both OneTrust and CSA best practices.

To learn more about this partnership, visit our news room or request a demo.