Ovum Report Identifies OneTrust as a Leader in the Global Privacy Management Market

As evidenced by the surprise passing of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), the global privacy landscape is consistently evolving. OneTrust’s quick response to new global privacy regulations such as the CCPA and others has resulted in Ovum, the market-leading analyst and research firm, recognizing OneTrust as a strategic leader in the global privacy software market.

Today, Ovum issued an independent report highlighting how OneTrust’s comprehensive solution helps companies execute privacy compliance strategies in a changing global privacy environment beyond just the EU’s GDPR.

Download the report: OneTrust takes strategic focus on global privacy management

“Global privacy management requires a vast coordination of people, process, and technology. OneTrust has emerged as strategic player in this space for their ability to harmonize compliance efforts across diverse business units and stakeholders,” said Paige Bartley, Senior Analyst, Ovum. “Unlike GDPR specialty solutions that may quickly become obsolete with rapidly-evolving privacy regulations, OneTrust’s software and services are designed to adapt to the shifting compliance landscape: providing software companies with an approach they can mature with, rather than outgrow. OneTrust’s modular – but tightly integrated – approach allows the enterprise to address specific requirements and scale as needed.”

OneTrust’s scalability and products are designed for SMEs up to global enterprises to integrate seamlessly into a company’s existing infrastructure, allowing organizations to effectively maintain compliance beyond just the GDPR.

OneTrust’s privacy counsel provides customers with the resources and tools to stay up to date on the privacy landscape, including OneTrust’s weekly “Last Week in Privacy” series, as well as information on recent developments in Brazil and India. Additionally, within a week of the passing of the California Consumer Privacy Act, OneTrust issued a free tool for companies to assess their CCPA readiness.

As an added resource for privacy and security professionals, OneTrust hosts PrivacyConnect events in cities across the globe, with each event focused on local privacy regulations as well as the latest regulatory requirements and GDPR implementation best practices.

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