The last few weeks have been eye-opening.

The senseless deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and many other Black people, followed by days of protests and demonstrations, have illuminated issues affecting the Black community and our country.

Last week, I met with several of our Black teammates 1:1 and listened. Their experiences were honest, chilling and shocking. From witnessing horrific killings in the news, to managing the daily microaggressions of everyday life. I want to thank them for their transparency around the issues of racial discrimination and social injustice.

I also want to share my full support for the Black community, Black Lives Matter, and condemn systemic racism in the US and across the globe. These issues are not their burden to carry alone.

As a CEO of a hyper-growth company and the most widely-used tech in our space, we have a chance to fuel real change. We are building a platform that helps companies put trust at the center of their business, and now we have the opportunity to live true to our core values and create a company culture and network that leads with diversity and inclusion.

We have always had a zero-tolerance policy, but policies are not enough. We need clear goals, specific actions, measurable performance indicators, and most importantly, a designated team of leaders responsible for driving our diversity and inclusion initiatives.

This morning, I shared with the global OneTrust team an initial framework for infusing diversity, equity, and inclusion into our company’s DNA. We want to lead and not follow on these human rights issues; and work in partnership with our Black teammates, customers, partners and friends to implement change.

Our first step toward change will be creating an internal Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Council to develop and guide a thoughtful, comprehensive plan with ongoing internal and external efforts, including:

  • Resources, trainings, and processes to build community and drive education, such as rolling out unconscious bias training to all employees
  • New metrics and goals for recruiting and employee diversity, such as recruiting from historically Black colleges and universities, and committing to increased diversity in all levels of the company;
  • Paid time off for diversity engagement, volunteerism and/or self-learning; and
  • A $100,000 donation to an organization that aligns with our impact goals.

When COVID-19 hit, I told the team that our #1 goal was to “bear hug” our customers. We wanted to give them the resources, flexibility, time and tools they needed to help guide their companies through this turbulent time and into our new world.

Now, we are also taking a hard look at our internal practices and leading by example both internally and externally. Now is our time to “bear hug” our teammates and communities, and make OneTrust a change agent in our new and better world.

We stand by them, and we stand by you.