TrustWeek 2020 is starting off with huge news including new products and offerings from OneTrust. During the main conference days of TrustWeek 2020, OneTrust’s annual user conference, the newest solutions will be detailed during TrustWeek’s opening keynote on Wednesday, October 14, and during other conference sessions.

What are OneTrust’s New Offerings?

The two new offerings from OneTrust are OneTrust DataGovernance and OneTrust Ethics.

OneTrust DataGovernance helps customers know what data they have, how the data is being used, the polices and compliance requirements that apply to that data, and how all of this can translate into business value. OneTrust DataGovernance offers a number of new and updated products, including:

  • OneTrust DataDiscovery™
  • Data Classification
  • Data Catalog
  • Data Usage Requests
  • Data Retention and Deletion
  • Data Lineage

To learn more about OneTrust DataGovernance, read our deep dive blog post: OneTrust Releases New Data Governance Software to Help Data Governance, Analytics, IT, and Technology Teams Know Their Data.

The second offering, OneTrust Ethics, helps manage ethics and compliance program requirements to build a more ethical culture. Products include:

  • Whistleblower Hotline & Case Management
  • Awareness Training
  • Third-Party Due Diligence
  • Code of Conduct & Policy Management
  • Data Ethics & Risk Management, and Conflict of Interest & Disclosures

To learn more about OneTrust Ethics, read our deep dive blog post: OneTrust Releases New Ethics & Compliance Software to Help Build an Ethical Culture in Your Organization.

What are OneTrust’s New Products?

As the fastest growing and most widely used privacy, security, governance, and compliance technology solution, OneTrust is dedicated to building solutions that are able to stay ahead of the constantly changing privacy and security compliance landscape.

Products included in the latest updates are:

  • OneTrust Privacy: Enhanced Privacy Rights Data Redaction Automation helps speed up responses to consumer privacy requests, such as GDPR data subject rights (DSAR) and CCPA consumer rights requests with enhanced redaction capabilities.
  • OneTrust DataGuidance: New Retention Schedule Solutions allows privacy and data governance teams to research global data retention requirements across multiple jurisdictions and business functions.
  • OneTrust PreferenceChoice™: Trust Center provides a central hub for customers to see and manage their consent, preferences, and the data that a company holds on them.
  • OneTrust GRC: AI-Powered Control Management gives GRC professionals recommended controls to both compensate and complement existing controls. The Athena AI identifies regulations and compliance standards in OneTrust DataGuidance, and based on the customer’s unique historical trends, and its risk, control, threat, and vulnerability data, provides recommended controls best suited for that program.

During TrustWeek 2020, attendees will learn about the newest offerings and products OneTrust has to offer during keynotes, breakout sessions, and Ask and Expert Hubs. TrustWeek not only brings new technology and innovations to the forefront, but also pulls together a community of privacy, security, and governance professionals virtually from across the globe.

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