TrustWeek 2022 agenda: Kickstart your trust journey

March 15, 2022


The wait is over the TrustWeek 2022 agenda is live and ready for you to map out your journey to trust! OneTrust’s annual global conference is back in person and bringing you an action-packed line-up for its return. Join us for inspiring keynotes, dynamic panels & roundtables, and opportunities to meet with OneTrust experts to learn the latest tips and tricks or to become OneTrust certified. 

What can you expect at TrustWeek 2022?  

Trust isn’t built in a silo – so why would your organization operate that way? The TrustWeek 2022 agenda brings together thought leaders from across Privacy & Data Governance, GRC & Security Assurance, Ethics & Compliance, and ESG & Sustainability. This year’s agenda features five unique tracks that will give you the insight and practical skills needed to break down barriers to begin your journey to trust: 

  • Trust Innovation and Management 
  • Privacy and Data Governance 
  • GRC and Security Assurance 
  • Ethics and Compliance 
  • ESG and Sustainability


Trust innovation and management 

Trust takes years to build but can be destroyed instantly. Trust is critical, whether it is with customers, employees, or external partners, and is an essential component needed to reach business goals, increase, growth, and adapt to market volatility. Hear from our CEO Kabir Barday as he defines the new category of Trust Management and from our customer Walgreens Boot Alliance on how they’ve remained a trusted brand for over a century. 

Sessions to lookout for: 

  • Defining the Future of Trust Management Helping our customers build trust is what we’re committed to – going beyond compliance and pioneering the future of trust management. Kickoff TrustWeek by hearing the latest news, understand how OneTrust’s innovations can help organisations build trust, and be the first to see the launch of the OneTrust Trust Management platform. 

Speakers: Kabir Barday | Blake Brannon | Emily McEvilly  

Time: Tuesday May 24, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM ET  

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  • Building Trust Since 1901 – The Walgreens Boots Alliance Story – With the tagline “Trusted since 1901,” trust is at the core of everything Walgreens Boots Alliance do. It’s how they treat patients and customers. It’s how they incorporate DE&I and build sustainability initiatives. It’s how they treat data and secure patient information and it’s how they are approaching new innovations like Ethical AI. Kim Rivera, OneTrust’s Chief Legal & Business Affairs Officer, will talk to Walgreens Boots Alliance Global Chief Privacy Officer about how they take keep care, trust, and accessibility at the center as the continue to innovate.  

Speakers: Kim Rivera 

Time: Wednesday May 25, 10:00 – 11:00 AM ET  

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Privacy and Data Governance 

You can’t build upon a weak foundation, privacy and data governance form the base to build trust. Maintaining this foundation can be complicated since the regulatory and technical landscape are evolving at a rapid place. Don’t worry though OneTrust’s team of privacy experts has you covered. TrustWeek 2022 has 8 sessions designed to answer your questions on everything from the CCPA to CPRA, international data transfers, privacy automation, and beyond. You’ll leave with the best practices to support your organization as you shift from operational compliance to leveraging privacy as a competitive advantage. 

Sessions to look out for: 

  • How to Manage International Data Transfers – Privacy pros have spoken – complying with cross-border data transfer laws is seen as the most difficult task to undertake. But it doesn’t have to be. In this session, learn step by step how to conduct a Transfer Impact Assessment (TIA), how to leverage data discovery to streamline processes, and the relevant measures to put in place to mitigate risk and ensure regulatory compliance.  

Speakers: Ravi Kasinadhuni 

Time: Tuesday May 24, 3:00 – 3:50 PM ET  

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  • Don’t Be Late: Get Ahead of First Party Data – Businesses face a wave of challenges as new and evolving legislation fuels the rapid deprecation of third-party cookies, all while consumers are demanding personalization and transparency from brands. Join this session to see what tactics you can implement to increase the amount of first-party data you collect from consumers. 

Speakers: Ryan Karlin 

Time: Wednesday May 25, 1:00 – 1:50 PM ET  

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GRC & Security Assurance 

Cybersecurity and GRC are much more than an IT matter. Managing security and third-party risks is everyone’s responsibility and plays a critical role in building trust. TrustWeek 2022 will feature sessions for everyone from novice security professionals to seasoned veterans to help attendees go beyond risk mitigation. 

Sessions to lookout for: 

  • Getting Tactical with Trust: How Better Risk Management Builds Trust – Abundant data is now available to put numbers behind what we instinctively know: trusted organizations are more successful. This session will challenge you to reframe risk management from a “cost center” to a trust build activity, and there value-generating. How do you translate risk management into the language of the business, and how does that impact how trusted you are. Join our open panel discussion to learn about best practices and new perspectives on how risk management is foundational to building trust.  

Speakers: Todd Fitzgibbon 

Time: Tuesday May 24, 2:00 – 2:50 PM ET  

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  • Mature from Static to Cyclical Policy Management – If you manage policies manually across decentralized tools like emails, documents, and shared folders — you understand that it is a process fraught with inefficiencies. This session will give you an exclusive look into new and upcoming policy management features and cover how to save time and resources at each phase of the policy lifecycle. 

Speakers: Nawal Elkhassasi | Wesley Johnson

Time: Thursday May 26, 9:00 – 9:50 AM ET  

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Ethics and Compliance 

The people behind the data are more than just a number or statistic. So why not put them at the center of your ethics program to exceed regulatory expectations? Learn the best practices for helplines and case management, conflicts of interest disclosure management, and codes of conduct. 

Sessions to look out for:  

  • Meaningful Employee Engagement with Training, Policies & Your Code of Conduct – Worried that your compliance training, code of conduct, and policies aren’t “sticky” enough? Join this session to learn the behavioral science and best practices that generate meaningful employee engagement across your compliance content and programs. 

Speakers: Hannah Walk 

Time: Tuesday May 24, 3:00 – 3:50 PM ET  

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  • Why Ethics & Compliance Must Address Our Retaliation Problem – Retaliation prevention is hard but necessary work. Telling people there is zero tolerance for retaliation is no longer enough, especially in light of the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive and other efforts to protect whistleblowers around the world. We must do the necessary work to deter, prevent, or detect retaliation, or employees will not trust our programs and they will not speak up. Join a panel of your industry peers who have started this necessary work as they share insights, tactics, and challenges with meaningfully preventing, deterring, and detecting retaliation in the workplace.

Speakers: Asha Palmer 

Time: Thursday May 26, 10:00 – 10:50 AM ET  

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ESG and Sustainability 

Transparency around environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles are essential. This track will offer insight into everything you need to know to get to net-zero and create an action plan to increase your impact. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of how to aggregate data, streamline benchmarking and framework reporting, and create action plans designed to foster growth.  

Sessions to look out for: 

  • Driving Change with Your ESG and Sustainability Program – ESG metrics have become critical to an organizations competitive advantage, whether in the context of doing business or hiring talent; however, building an ESG program to maintain that advantage can be difficult. In this session we will cover lessons learned in building an ESG Program, inclusive of reporting & disclosures, analytics driven initiatives, carbon accounting, sustainable and responsible supply chain etc., and how the OneTrust technology support an organization in their ESG journey. 

Speakers: Jaymin Desai 

Time: Tuesday May 24, 4:00 – 4:50 PM ET  

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  • Carbon Accounting 101: All You Need to Know About Your Carbon Footprint – Going forward, carbon will be an actively managed KPI for businesses. Therefore companies need the right tools in place to transparently measure their carbon footprint and reduce it over time. But where do you start? In this session, we will walk you through the most important carbon accounting standards and steps to successful carbon reporting. 

Speakers: Dan Quintas 

Time: Wednesday May 25, 2:00 – 2:50 PM ET  

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Become OneTrust certified at TrustWeek 2022  

In addition to this loaded line-up, we’re bringing back our OneTrust Professional Certification Course on Monday May 23 and Thursday May 26, designed to provide a full overview of the OneTrust suite of Privacy modules.

We’ll also debut our GRC Professional Certification in-person for the very first time. This comprehensive course will provide a full overview of the OneTrust suite of GRC Tools.

To see the full agenda and learn more about the TrustWeek 2022 global conference, sponsorships, and register, visit

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