WEBINAR: Bridging ISO 27001 to GDPR

Security and privacy teams share the common goal of protecting organizations from reputational damage, lawsuits and regulatory issues. Security professionals can use the ISO 27001 standard to assess information security risks and protect the organization, while privacy professionals must ensure their organization’s compliance with the GDPR to protect the rights and freedoms of individuals. While independent, ISO 27001 and GDPR work to reduce risks to people and organizations caused by the misuse of personal data.

OneTrust and the IAPP teamed together to research the overlap between ISO 27001 and the GDPR to show how existing work from security teams can be leveraged to support privacy professionals’ work on GDPR compliance. The OneTrust and IAPP webinar, IAPP-OneTrust Research: Bridging ISO 27001 to GDPR showcases how the two requirements map to one another and the ways organizations can enhance their compliance efforts.

[Download the webinar: IAPP-OneTrust Research: Bridging ISO 27001 to GDPR]

To accompany this research, OneTrust published an accompanying assessment for organizations to assess their state of preparation to GDPR, including tips and comments based on the ISO 27001 standard to enable organizations to use their existing security program for GDPR compliance purposes. The assessment is available in the OneTrust Privacy Management Software resource library. It aims at helping organizations better understand their GDPR readiness and identify areas where work is still required.

[Download the whitepaper: IAPP-OneTrust Research: Bridging ISO 27001 to GDPR]

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