We are using more data than ever, and we are using it in different ways. When undertaking a data discovery project, these vast quantities of data can become a problem with structured and unstructured data being stored across multiple sources both in the cloud and on-prem. Unstructured data files by themselves can present unique challenges for a discovery project through the sheer quantity of data there is to find, and the content, classification, and sensitivity of the data not being readily recognized by metadata discovery alone. 

data discovery tool that can find structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data is a start, but further to that, accurate classification is essential. OneTrust Data Discovery supports machine-learning based classification of data found in unstructured and semi-structured data sources to increase the accurate classification of data and reduce risk to the business. However, to enhance your data discovery project furtherseamless integration of your data discovery tools into a range of pre-existing application workflows – including Azure, AWS, Google, Snowflake, Office365, and other common data sources – will help you find, discover, and classify more data in less time with greater accuracy.  

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How Integrations Enhance Your Data Discovery Project

For many organizations, data is often stored in thousands of systems, and shadow IT is almost always present in some form. As difficult as it might seem to be able to scan and discover data at this scale, OneTrust Data Discovery, with its 500+ pre-built connectors, can integrate with your pre-existing workflows as well as referencing existing sources of information including CMDB, IAM, CSPs, and CASB to help you identify all your data. OneTrust Data Discovery also has the ability to scan petabytes of data down to the individual file or column level giving greater accuracy to the classification of data than just scanning metadata alone. With such vast quantities of data being accessed, data retrieved through a single scan can quickly become out of date. OneTrust Data Discovery keeps your data up-to-date and accurate by constantly scanning networks for the identification of IT systems and the data in real-time. 

Integration across applications takes this deep level of data discovery even further by utilizing unified architecture to scan across cloud and on-prem deployments with easeOneTrust offers the broadest set of integrations making it simple to integrate your data discovery project into pre-existing application workflows as well as custom-built integrations, and the entire OneTrust platform helping to power different use cases across the organization.  

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Integration and Automated Population of Data Catalog 

Integrating your data discovery solution in privacy, security, and governance management tools can have great benefits to your organization which include optimizing cross-functional processes, driving business value, and implementing applicable policies reinforcing regulatory guidelinesOneTrust Data Discovery not only unearths hard to find data but it also automatically populates the recently launched Data Catalog, giving chief data officers and data stewards clear, centralized visibility into an organization’s dataOneTrust Data Discovery safely extracts technical metadata from systems and automatically populates it into Data Catalog’s built-in data dictionary along with enriching information such as classifiers and tags to inform governance professionals how this data should be governed. 

OneTrust Data Discovery can also integrate with OneTrust privacy management tools to assist with the handling of regulatory requirements like DSARs, risk management exercises, and policy enforcement. OneTrust Data Discovery’s seamless integration with OneTrust’s privacy, security, and governance solutions adds business and regulatory context to data helping develop real data intelligence within the organization by utilizing unified architecture adds an additional layer of accuracy and understanding. As organizations collect more data, stored in more formats and sources, the need for a data discovery tool that can integrate across existing business applications increases. OneTrust Data Discovery’s ability to scan vast quantities of data stored in structured and unstructured formats coupled with its range of integrations across multiple platforms and its ability to auto-populate OneTrust Data Catalog makes it a perfect solution for enhancing your data discovery projects.  

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