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2Checkout Deploys OneTrust Awareness Training to Build a Culture of Privacy and Trust

2Checkout is a digital commerce and payments provider that helps companies selling online to quickly expand internationally and optimize revenue streams across channels. The company has over 17,000 clients globally and has built a successful product recognized by over 50 international industry awards. 

The Awareness Training platform has every aspect of an eLearning compliance training tool that can help address privacy awareness within a company.

Oana Ducuta, CIPP US/E
Data Protection Officer

Building a Trustworthy Brand with Privacy Awareness 

Privacy is of high importance at 2Checkout due to the quantity of transactional data they receive through their client base. This means that the company is responsible for building trust, not only with their customers, but right the way through the supply chain to the end user. With such a global reach, it is important that privacy awareness is a top priority throughout the company.  

Our digital commerce platform is leveraged by 17,000 merchants from around the world, selling their products and services globally. We help clients by simplifying the complexities of modern commerce like global payments, subscription billing, merchandising, taxes, compliance, and risk, so they stay focused on innovating their products and delivering exceptional customer experiences. The compliance aspect is increasingly important, and this means we need to be aware of all the relevant privacy laws in all countries and territories that we operate in and assist our clients to sell intoIf we don’t do our best in terms of privacy compliance, our clients will also have problems with their end-customers,” said Oana Ducuțăthe Data Protection Officer at 2Checkout. 

Addressing Different Training Requirements Set by Global Privacy Laws  

2Checkout has a team of over 400 people based in multiple locations across the world, all of which need a level of privacy training under the requirements of specific privacy laws 

“I didn’t want to have the same basic training for all employees. I wanted to have riskbased, tailored training for each function of the company. The sales team may not need to have an in-depth training about privacy by design, while customer service department will be required to have a specialized training in data subjects’ rights” said Oana.  

 When it came to searching for a training tool that encompassed a global approach, OneTrust DataGuidance Awareness Training ticked all the boxes.  

Awareness Training helped me address each department with respect to its location and to tailor their training content specifically for their role.

Oana Ducuta, CIPP US/E
Data Protection Officer

Oana picked OneTrust DataGuidance Awareness Training because the interactive courses met the regulatory requirements for training under the GDPR, CCPA and LGPD and other privacy laws as key. Plus, the general and speciality modules provided different levels of insight into regulations and processes that are relevant to different roles or areas of the business 

“Each course had an assigned level of complexity whether it is designed for basic understanding or for a specialist in that area. It also has an assigned category of person that it addresses sales or marketing for example, and that helped a lot,” she said. 

Developed by the IAPP and Powered by OneTrust made Awareness Training ‘the best on the market’ 

Another important factor in choosing OneTrust DataGuidance Awareness Training was the knowledge that the course was developed by privacy professionals in collaboration with the IAPP and acquired by OneTrust in November of 2019.   

I was quite pleased by the fact that OneTrust acquired Awareness Training from the IAPP. I’m already using OneTrust Privacy Management software and DataGuidance Regulatory Research, so, a new product with this baseline of services around it will be the best on the market,” Oana explained. 


I knew that the best privacy professionals in the world were working on creating these training modules.

Oana Ducuță, CIPP US/E
Data Protection Officer

Ensuring True Value from Mandatory Training  

Another feature of OneTrust DataGuidance Awareness Training that Oana finds beneficial is guaranteed trainee participation through videos that cannot be skipped and automatically pause if moved to the background. From Oana’s experience, this helped to ensure that a level of understanding was built within trainees who may otherwise skip through the training as a checkbox exercise.  

Oana explains, “It helps me in my day-to day business in the interactions I have with all departments. I don’t have to explain to them about privacy, they already have a great level of understanding. It is easy for me to come up with specific guidance and requirements on their processes or assessments and they can easily understand what I’m saying.”  

With an ever-expanding library of content-rich subject matter, designed to deliver meaningful, easy to understand privacy training, 2Checkout has not only raised awareness across all business functions but as Oana explains: Almost nine months since we deployed Awareness Training and it has already helped me build a privacy culture internally.“ 

At this moment I can say I have made the best investment I ever could.

Oana Ducuță, CIPP US/E
Data Protection Officer
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