Samsung builds digital trust through consent management


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Samsung Electronics is one of the largest producers of electronic devices in the world and sits in the top 20 of the global Fortune 500.  

Samsung is a market leader in the supply of smartphones, smart TVs, and other IoT devices. This level of customer data raised the immediate challenge of keeping up with the consent and preferences of their customer base, from collection to maintenance and regular updates.   


Samsung x OneTrust, a privacy-first partnership

Given the nature of Samsung’s business, the number of devices sold, and the extent of personal data collection, data privacy has always been a huge priority for them. The OneTrust and Samsung partnership flourished as both companies have a privacy-first way of doing things. As Samsung started to introduce ad-funded applications, such as TV Plus, to the market on their TVs and Galaxy phones, they decided to add a consent management platform (CMP) to their privacy processes. 

"OneTrust was the clear leader when it came to the end. They were very attentive, approachable, extremely detailed, and stood out compared to the rest of the competition."


Sam Nicholson, European Head of Privacy at Samsung 

5 continents, 2 platforms, 1 joint team 

The mobile CMP launch was the first major project that kicked off the partnership between Samsung and OneTrust. It began by focusing on several applications only in Europe, which helped from a privacy standpoint, as it prepped development and operations with GDPR compliance from the get-go.

After the successful launch of the OneTrust Mobile Consent solution in Europe, Samsung made the decision to replicate this in other regions. Latin America was up next, and the solution was rolled out in Brazil shortly after. Sam Nicholson explained, “We could basically replicate what we did in Europe and essentially copy and paste that over different jurisdictions. It was a very easy launch that also proved very successful. It proved so successful that it’s now planned to be launched in 16 other countries across the world.”

Today, Samsung uses OneTrust Mobile App Consent across Samsung phones for ad-funded applications in Europe and Latin America, along with the CTV Consent solution for TV Plus on their TVs across Europe. After the OneTrust solution was implemented on Samsung’s mobile apps and TV Plus on connected TVs, it provided a more granular level of choice to consumers, from preference management to data access requests. For Samsung’s ad-supported TV service (Samsung Free, TV Plus), they found that most third-party advertisers on the market preferred to only work with those that had a working CMP.  

Leanne White, Data Privacy Manager at Samsung said, “The difference between before and after (working with OneTrust) is we've given more choice to consumers. We allow them to better determine how we're going to handle their data. We wanted to provide users with the best possible experience, which OneTrust has allowed us to do.” 


OneTrust Consent & Preferences – Giving users the best possible experience 

OneTrust Mobile App Consent and CTV consent allows companies to identify privacy permissions and understand the overall privacy health of your app with intuitive dashboards.  

Across both mobile and CTV channels, organizations can monitor consent rates over time to maximize opt-ins with customizable banners to deliver a seamless experience across multiple touchpoints.   

"We wanted to provide users with the best possible experience, which OneTrust has allowed us to do."


Leanne White, Data Privacy Manager at Samsung  

Given the success of CTV consent for TV Plus on Samsung TVs, Samsung is now looking at implementing the same solution on other Samsung applications on their CTVs. On the mobile app side, after its introduction in Europe and Latin America, a global rollout has now gone live to great success. 

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