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Farmers Edge Cultivates Robust Privacy Program with OneTrust

Farmers Edge is a digital agriculture service provider headquartered in Winnipeg, ManitobaThe business was founded in 2005 and has since expanded into the US, Australia, Brazil, and Europe. Farmers Edge collects 25 billion data records from 90,000 connected IoT devices, including telematics devices, soil moisture probes, and weather stations. Combined with infrared satellite imagery, the data that Farmers Edge collects from their IoT devices can be used to give a detailed analysis of their client’s crop conditions for maintaining healthy fields and is the foundation for building variable rate prescriptions to optimize profits for seeding and for inputs such as fertilizer, fungicide, etc.   

Through the use oemerging technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, Farmers Edge can build models of weather patterns and crop health events in various regionsA growing arm of the Farmers Edge business model is assisting with insurance claims for soiled crops. Paul Leszczynski, Head of Business Systems at Farmers Edge explains, “The insurance companies are getting the information they need to process the information in a matter of days not months. The grower is happy that it is an accurate picture of what is happening on their farm. This is kind of indicative of the wins we want to achieve, and this isn’t at anyone’s cost, everyone is succeeding. The global food supply is better for it”. 

OneTrust strikes the perfect balance for being able to configure a privacy management platform to your exact needs and we are getting a lot of value out of it. There is a reason we went through so many vendors and landed with OneTrust.

Paul Leszczynski
Head of Business Systems

Growing consumer trust through data protection

The privacy team at Farmers Edge considers the GDPR to be the ‘gold standard’ of privacy and data protection laws. As such, they apply this notion to their global privacy program and uphold the high standards of the GDPR, including in regions where the local data protection law is not as stringent. The importance of holding themselves to this high standard leads to maintaining the trust of their client base.  

We could and look at the seven regulations that apply to us and in each jurisdiction make sure we meet the minimums or, and this has been our take, let’s strive for GDPR globally because we see that it meets or exceeds every other regulation. LGPD is the only one that has requirements above the GDPR and when we have those little nuances, we can take care of them.

Paul Leszczynski
Head of Business Systems

In close-knit communities such as farming and agriculture, the reputational damage can spread exponentially and have potentially dire consequences. Due to the nature of their industry, Farmers Edge does not have the expansive client base that other technology companies have and re-gaining lost business can be extremely challenging. Therefore, adequately protecting the data and retaining the trust of every customer has heightened importance to Farmers Edge. Paul noted, “We owe it to our customers, ethically, to protect their data but also because we know that if we have a breach that could be the end of our business. So, we take privacy incredibly seriously”.  

Sowing the seeds for an automated privacy program with OneTrust

With business risks in mind, Paul was looking for a privacy management solution that would help automate many elements of Farmers Edge’s privacy program. After extensive vendor assessments, Paul found that OneTrust modules offered the perfect balance between pre-built applications and customizable solutions, allowing Paul to tailor many elements of the platform to the Farmers Edge use case.  

We like that the OneTrust platform offers a good UI, and that is it intuitive and understandable. We know how we can customize and configure the platform and it is a perfect fit for our use case.

Paul Leszczynski
Head of Business Systems

Farmers Edge uses OneTrust Assessment Automation to help automate their Privacy Impact Assessments and has led to more streamlined collaborations between the privacy team and other business functions to comply more easily with their obligations under various privacy laws. Paul’s privacy team also uses OneTrust Data Mapping to help understand the flow of data across Farmers Edge’s business operations. Data Mapping also allows the privacy team to generate records of processing activities and other reporting to demonstrate compliance.  

These OneTrust tools have assisted Farmers Edge with compliance exercises; however, Paul notes that using these tools has also allowed his team to understand the value of privacy compliance activities to the business.  

The OneTrust platform has taught us a lot about what these activities mean and what value they have. It gets the system owners to question what they are doing and why they are doing it.

Paul Leszczynski
Head of Business Systems

Navigating the maze of global privacy regulation with OneTrust DataGuidance

Farmers Edge also leverages the extensive research conducted by OneTrust DataGuidance Paul highlights that it has been a particularly useful resource when looking to compare privacy legislation in multiple jurisdictions. Furthermore, with daily updates from the in-house team of privacy analysts, DataGuidance has been a key resource in tracking upcoming legislation, draft laws, and new proposals.  

For growing companies, whether you are thinking six months in the future or five years in the future, I think DataGuidance is the perfect tool for being prepared on the privacy side.

Paul Leszczynski
Head of Business Systems

At Farmers Edge, privacy is not considered a tick-box exercise and it is an operation that needs to be nurtured and maintained. Therefore, Paul must be able to keep up to date with the latest privacy developments. Paul stated, “we know what is coming next because we use DataGuidance to tell us. DataGuidance is exactly the kind of tool that we needed to compare and contrast current and upcoming legislation around the globe so that we can have a five-year privacy plan.” 

Furthermore, Paul highlights that the OneTrust modules deliver a lot of value into the privacy life-cycle at Farmers Edge and the wide range of additional products will help to expand their privacy operations in areas such as cookies and consent management as their program continues to mature. 

Paul recently joined OneTrust DataGuidance on the Canada Federal Privacy Bill: Reaction & Analysis webinar. Click here to watch now. 

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