VWO leverages OneTrust PreferenceChoice for cookie consent

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VWO is a software company based in India that has built technology products used around the world. VWO is leveraged by thousands of brands globally to optimize their websites. VWO is the world’s leading experience optimization and growth platform. By leveraging VWO, brands can design optimal digital experiences for their users and increase conversions across the entire customer journey. This is possible as VWO is an integrated platform that helps website owners to better understand visitor behavior, run experiments, personalize experiences, and re-engage users.

 VWO clients span across industries, including online retail, fashion, travel, B2B/SaaS, media and entertainment including brands like Ubisoft, Dominos, Target & eBay. With VWO, customers can test webpage variations on both the front end and backend. The tool helps deliver tests and explain results that help to understand the data for easy business decisions. VWO offers heat maps, scroll maps, on-page surveys, session recordings, form analytics, and funnels to understand the visitor’s journey.  

Why does privacy and preference management matter to VWO’s customers? 

With customers based around the world, VWO must comply with the growing number of privacy regulations where their users (and their visitors in turn) are based. These regulations include the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in the EU, California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) in the United States and the General Personal Data Protection Law (LGPD) in Brazil. All of these laws include consent and preference management requirements. 

Understanding cookie compliance amongst the ever-growing number of regulations and the myriad of varying regional guidance is tough.  Keeping up with these regulations is a challenge in itself but is further complicated when brands attempt to create a user experience that is clear, transparent, and engaging.  In addition to this, there are also international frameworks and regulations that organizations need to be aware of, including the newly revised draft of the ePrivacy Regulation and the IAB Transparency & Consent Framework (IAB TCF 2.0). 

 On top of that, cookie compliance has never been so intensely under the spotlight. Data protection authorities around the world are not holding back when it comes to holding companies accountable for cookie compliance. As a result, balancing the experience of the end-user while maintaining compliances with scores of laws and frameworks could seem like an uphill battle. 

Why did VWO choose to partner with OneTrust for cookie consent?

In order to create a GDPR compliant preference management experience, VWO sought out a cookie consent solution provider. They needed a solution that could help deploy cookie banners across their websites and meet the local requirements of the website visitors. They also needed a tool that was easily customizable. 

After evaluating several providers, and even considering creating their own cookie consent solution, VWO chose OneTrust. After having the chance to test the OneTrust cookie consent module, the VWO team was able to see how easily customizable the solution was to meet compliance requirements and match website branding as well. 

“The OneTrust template feature has made it really easy to deploy cookie banners that meet local consent requirements. With just one click we can update our banner to meet GDPR or CCPA requirements.”


Prakaash Ojha, Data Protection Officer at VWO

OneTrust, is the most widely used consent management platform (CMP) with over 350,000+ websites and applications leveraging technology to manage users consent and preferences. In a study completed by OneTrust’s Research and Development team evaluating aggregated metrics across all OneTrust  environments found that:  

  • 350,000+ apps and websites use the CMP.  
  • 4.1+ billion total monthly devices use the CMP. 

As the top CMP for web, mobile, OTT, and CTV applications, OneTrust powers billions of consent choices across devices. By leveraging OneTrust, companies have the ability to comply with global regulations and operating system requirements, all while providing transparency, building trust, and fueling brand loyalty with multi-device consumers.  

What is next for VWO? 

Looking ahead VWO’s team is looking to prepare for LGPD compliance as Brazil’s comprehensive data protection law goes into effect. OneTrust’s teams has built out of the box templates that make LGPD cookie consent compliance easy. OneTrust is here to help organizations build their programs and shape their processes to comply with regulatory requirements as they come into effect.  

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