One Platform for Your ESG Portfolio Management Needs

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Scalable ESG Data Collection

Benefit from a lean ESG data collection and clear guidance for ESG reporting.

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Fully Compliant and Customizable

Align your ESG practices to the latest regulations or global ESG standards while customizing your reporting framework.

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Detailed Performance Analysis

Track your ESG performance on a fund and portfolio company level in an interactive dashboard.

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Enable Your Portfolio

Allow portfolio companies to introduce ESG management best practices.

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Dynamic Carbon Management

Calculate and manage the carbon footprint of any organization.

Simplify How You Manage Your ESG Portfolio Metrics

ESG Portfolio Dashboard

Centralized ESG Management for Your Portfolio

Gain insights into your business portfolio’s ESG performance. Align your ESG activities with global ESG frameworks like GRI, regulatory requirements (SFDR, EU Taxonomy, TCFD), or custom KPIs based on your organization’s priorities.

Carbon Footprint Dashboard Example

Define ESG Reporting and Data Collection Practices

Set up holistic ESG data monitoring and generate insights on your investment portfolio’s ESG performance with our intuitive, interactive dashboard. You can easily compare GHG emissions against the value of your investment in each company.

GHG Intensity Graph Example

Analyze Detailed Carbon Statistics on a Company and Portfolio Level

Set up complete carbon management and determine emission drivers in your investment portfolio in your dashboard. Assign science-based targets on a portfolio level and monitor the carbon reduction progress.

Get Started with Investor Portfolio Management

Sign up for a demo to learn how you can simplify your ESG portfolio management with Planetly by OneTrust.

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