One Step Closer to Net-Zero Emissions

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Science-Based Reduction Targets

Set company-wide reduction targets that are in line with the latest climate science to better understand how much and how quickly you can prevent the effects of climate change.

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Offsets Tailored to Your Organization

Access your custom climate action portfolio to see which offset projects align to your company values, location, and budget.

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Actionable Measures and Insights

Easily identify your organization’s emission hotspots and identify reduction actions that engage your entire company to reduce emissions.

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Real Impact Through High Standards

Our 50+ reduction solution partners and 45+ global offset projects are hand-selected because they offer the highest environmental integrity.

Effective Carbon Reduction

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Identify Emission Hotspots

Understand your biggest emission drivers by gaining transparency about your carbon emissions. Our analysis empowers you to define so-called Easy Wins like reduction potentials that can be implemented short- to mid-term, all without changing your core business model.

Emissions Reduction Program

Implement a Decarbonization Strategy

Setting ambitious targets in line with the latest climate science will help you from assessment to target modeling and all the way through the implementation of a decarbonization strategy.

Our support includes sector-specific reduction measures for your core business operations. Choose from our broad network of reduction partners and engage your employees to initiate change.

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Reduce Emissions Through Green Energy

Green energy is one of the biggest carbon reduction levers for businesses. We will help you find the ideal sustainable energy solution for your business. From switching to a green electricity provider or using renewable energy to installing solar panels directly onto your site, there are many options we’ll help you consider.

Emissions Reduction Program

Simplify Tracking and Reporting

We know it’s important to communicate your progress with different stakeholder groups. And with an average reduction potential of 30-40%, there’s a lot to communicate. Interactive dashboards allow you to track and monitor your performance against your targets and customize based on your reporting needs and preferences.

Offset Your Corporate Carbon Footprint

Custom Climate Action Portfolio

Choose From a Wide Range of Carbon Offset Projects

When you first embark on your climate journey, you probably won’t be able to reduce all emissions straight away. Offsetting is a relevant stepping-stone to have an immediate impact. OneTrust offers an offset marketplace of highly vetted projects across 23 countries. You’ll have options from renewable energy and afforestation projects to clean drinking water initiatives and more.

Advance Your Carbon Management Activities

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