Operationalize Colorado Privacy Act Requirements

Green and Black Stack of Books Icon for Prepare for the PDPA card

Real-Time Regulatory Updates

Access a centralized repository of resources that includes the full CPA text, summaries, guides, and regulatory guidance updated with the latest amendments and developments.

Consumer Rights Scale Icon for Manage PDPA Data Subject Rights and Consent

Automate Data Privacy Operations

Leverage CPA response workflows to help your organization respond to requests appropriately and adhere to the 45-day response timeline.

Green Checkmarks with Black Circles Icon for Streamline PDPA Data Privacy Governance Card

Demonstrate Accountability

Automate reporting, dashboards, audit trails, and other record-keeping requirements that support governance of your CPA-compliant program.

A Single Platform Supporting Your Journey to CPA Compliance

PDPA Research and Benchmark Assessment Summary Reporting and Recommendations Screen

Create Your Data Protection and Security Readiness Report 

Utilize industry-recognized readiness and planning reports to assess your organization’s data security or cybersecurity gaps and provide remediation recommendations to minimize risks. Opt-in to share your readiness and benchmark your program against 300+ other organizations.

Data Subject Rights and Track Verifiable Consent Dashboard

Enable Opt-Out Requests and Tracking

In addition to automating the intake and fulfillment of data subject requests, you can leverage website geo-targeting. This helps ensure Colorado residents are seeing the appropriate opt-out controls, such as do not sell, do not profile, and do not process for targeted advertising requests. Track verifiable consumer consent and sync changes or correct inaccuracies across systems to avoid the unauthorized sale of data.

CDPA Policy Example for PIPEDA Compliance

Centralize and Distribute Privacy Disclosures

Adhere to Colorado CPA notification requirements and easily update, centralize, and distribute policies, notices, and disclosures across web and mobile properties from a single platform. Update privacy notices to include data subject rights under CPA and direct consumers to a data subject rights intake form.

Data Mapping and Data Protection Assessments Screen Example

Streamline Data Mapping and Data Protection Assessments

Track key CPA compliance attributes when mapping data, including cross-border data transfers and transfers to third parties. Utilize bulk importing capabilities to attach CPA data attributes to new and existing data.  Ensure adherence to the data minimization and purpose specification considerations as outlined under the CPA.

Accelerate Time to Colorado CPA Compliance

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