The California legislature has finalized amendments to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and we are now only waiting for the governor’s signature to finalize. One of the most anticipated amendments was AB-1564, the “Toll-Free Number amendment,” which passed both the California Senate and Assembly, making its way to Governor Newsome’s desk for signature.

While eventual passage of AB-1564 means that businesses that operate exclusively online and have a direct relationship with a consumer are now exempt from the requirement of having to provide a toll-free number to consumers to log consumer rights requests – the “toll free requirement” still stands for a large number of organizations that conduct business in the state of California.

So, what does this mean for the businesses that must still comply with this requirement?

The amendment requires toll free numbers for all companies that don’t meet the exception in addition to other methods such as web forms and email.

OneTrust is here to help meet both of these requirements. With the OneTrust CCPA Consumer Rights Management, businesses can setup both an online intake form for consumer requests and a toll-free number for phone requests.

With OneTrust CCPA Toll-Free Number, you can:

  • Get a unique phone number for customers to call in their consumer rights requests
  • Setup a customized welcome greeting in line with your company messaging and the CCPA regulatory requirements
  • Add identity verification workflows to validate the requestor’s identity
  • Integrate with online CCPA Consumer Rights & Do Not Sell solutions
  • Automate fulfilling requests with OneTrust Targeted Data Discovery integrations
  • Centrally log consumer requests for recordkeeping

With OneTrust’s CCPA Consumer Rights Management solutions, you can show your consumers that you respect their privacy rights and build automated back-end workflows that don’t disrupt your business with each request.

To learn more about how OneTrust can help with the CCPA’s Toll-Free and other requirements, visit OneTrust for CCPA or request a demo today.