The IAB TCF 2.0 is right around the corner and companies are rushing to fast track their implementation ahead of the August 15 deadline. How can you make this transition efficiently when there are significant changes from previous versions? OneTrust has the solution. 

Today, we announced an IAB TCF 2.0 Same Day Fast Track Implementation Program, helping publishers and advertisers create, customize, and publish an IAB-approved consent management platform (CMP) on web and mobile the same day by leveraging built-in TCF 2.0 product support, step-by-step guides, and daily webinars.

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The TCF 2.0 enables consumers to grant or withhold consent as well as exercise rights to their data being processed. Ultimately, consumers will have more control over whether or how vendors can process certain types of data. On the other hand, publishers implementing TCF 2.0 aim to gain more control in their collaborations with advertising technology partners and vendors

With the OneTrust IAB TCF 2.0 Same Day Fast Track Implementation Program, all companies, no matter the size or budget, can fast track their way to TCF 2.0 compliance with a comprehensive set of tools and resources. With OneTrust, publishers and advertisers can:

  • Gain access to a step-by-step implementation guide and resources
  • Join daily implementation webinarsand consult publisher experts for guidance and support
  • Implement a pre-configured CMP template for IAB TCF 2.0 compliance

With OneTrust’s IAB TCF 2.0 Same Day Fast Track Implementation Program, publishers and advertisers can quickly access the tools and technology necessary to comply with IAB TCF 2.0. To learn more, review our IAB TCF 2.0 checklist or register to get your questions  answered  directly  by an expert.