Today, OneTrust announces the new DataConnect series which aims to bring together privacy, security, and governance professionals together to discuss data governance best practices. The DataConnect series provides data governance professionals with engaging discussions to help inform and enhance your privacy, security, and governance programs.
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What is DataConnect?

DataConnect is the new community event series from OneTrust focusing on data governance best practices. These events aim to engage data professionals with discussion topics such as understanding data governance, mining valuable insights from your data, and using data to drive business efficiencies. At a DataConnect event, you can expect to learn more about how to truly know your data, as well as hearing from data governance experts on how to utilize data governance best practices to support better privacy, security and governance programs. DataConnect events also provide an opportunity to network with other data governance professionals while gaining an understanding of how to use data insights to build consumer trust.


Europe – All events 10:00 am GMT

  • RSVP | Europe | March 23

Americas – All events 1:00 pm ET

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Register now for your local DataConnect event and the wider PrivacyConnect online series to discover best practices, regulatory updates, and more. And if you can’t find an event that suits you, check out our other Connect series including VendorRiskConnect, GRCConnect, and PublisherConnect.

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