OneTrust DataGuidance has added three new comparison charts to its extensive catalog of privacy research tools. The latest additions focus on the requirements of privacy and security frameworks, the legal provisions for privacy training, and ratings for key data protection requirements developed in collaboration with local experts. All three charts allow you to quickly and easily compare requirements and regulations across several jurisdictions and add to DataGuidance’s wealth of resources and help you to analyze, understand and operationalize various compliance requirements in a range of contexts.  

International Privacy Standards & Frameworks 

The Standards & Frameworks Comparison details the requirements and recommendations of privacy and cybersecurity frameworks including ISO27001 and many other key standards. The chart allows you to compare and comprehend the provisions set out in the different frameworks including data governance, data subject rights, and vendor management as part of your privacy research. 

Global Privacy Training Requirements 

The Training Requirements Comparison provides an overview of the various training obligations that organizations must meet in different jurisdictions around the world. As well as breaking down the guidelines from over 30 training frameworks, the Training Requirements Comparison Chart also outlines who should be trained, who is responsible for ensuring that training is completed as well as recommended practices. In addition, an overview of privacy training courses available through the OneTrust Awareness Training solution is also available with the new chart.  

Newly Developed Privacy Index for Key Privacy Requirements 

The Privacy Index presents a detailed scale to help you easily understand the criticality of data protection requirements in over 30 jurisdictions. Produced in collaboration with local experts across the world, the Privacy Index considers risk expectations in 10 key areas including data transfers, direct marketing, third party management, security controls, and data subject rights as well as comparing DPA powers and activity in the different regions. 

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