The growing ubiquity of privacy laws globally has brought with it a greater general awareness of consumer rights and data protection issues. Despite this general awareness, organizations need to ensure that their employees are equipped with the specific knowledge necessary to satisfy compliance obligations under CCPA, GDPR, and other privacy laws as well as performing their roles with a privacy-first attitude.  

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OneTrust Awareness Training offers a range of modules specifically designed to provide general and role-based training across an organization and is regularly kept up to date with the latest regulatory developments. In this blog, we’ll explore the most recent additions to the Awareness Training course library and the benefits of implementing Awareness Training when building a privacy-first culture in your organization.  

The Benefits of Privacy Awareness Training Programs 

Responsibility for data privacy obligations extends throughout the organization and as such employees across all business functions should engage in relevant and ongoing training. There are several challenges that arise from this sizeable task including an ever-changing regulatory landscape and employee engagement levels. However, OneTrust Awareness Training takes the sting out of implementing a company-wide privacy training program through a continually expanding library of interactive learning experiences which are available in over 30 languages and easily deployed into existing learning management systems (LMS) or within the OneTrust platform.  

The old proverb “You can lead a horse to water” often rings true when it comes to mandatory employee training. But OneTrust offers tailored course content for functions such as HR, IT, marketing, and customer services including real-world examples and providing only the most relevant and engaging content for individual employees handling data. In addition, OneTrust Awareness Training is customizable to help you meet specific organizational needs as well as offering in-depth completion and performance metrics and the ability to easily generate compliance reports to help keep your training program on track.  

Latest Updates to OneTrust Awareness Training 

It is vital to provide employees with the most up-to-date training if you are aiming to create a privacy-first culture throughout your organization. OneTrust is committed to regularly updating course content to consider the fast-paced regulatory environment as well as developing brand new courses to keep up with the latest compliance trends. The latest additions to OneTrust Awareness Training include: 

  • Incident Preparedness: Recognizing the Risks – Help employees identify potential sources of incidents, many of which are common employee errors or social engineering attacks. Learn best practices, potential consequences of security incidents and recognize when to report issues that arise.  
  • Intro to Anti-Money Laundering – Money laundering is a serious crime that affects trillions of dollars globally. Teach employees the basics of money laundering and what measures you and your organization can take to prevent it. Learners will role-play as a criminal to see if they can pull off a money-laundering scheme.  
  • South Africa’s POPIA – Is your organization compliant with South Africa’s POPIA? POPIA protects the personal data of both natural and legal persons and applies to the processing of personal information by a responsible party. This course gives a general overview of the law as well as highlighting key compliance areas to consider. 
  • People’s Republic of China Cybersecurity Law – Understand the general requirements of China’s Cybersecurity Law (CSL) including your organization’s duties as a network provider or CII operator, personal data rights, and the breach notification process.  

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OneTrust Awareness Training offers a reliable source of privacy education that can be deployed easily across your organization. Its function-specific courses help keep your employees in the know about the latest regulations and fulfill an essential part of any privacy compliance program. As new courses are regularly added to the platform, OneTrust Awareness Training acts as a long-term solution for establishing a privacy-first culture within your organization. Sign up for a free trial today or visit to learn more about OneTrust’s suite of privacy, security, and governance tools.  

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