OneTrust Launches New Privacy Assessment Templates to Support U.S. Federal Agency Privacy Compliance 

Federal government agencies have distinctive privacy needs and are required to adhere to stricter privacy standards than many other entities. To support these specific needs of the federal government, OneTrust launched U.S. Federal Agency Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) templates for IAPP members.

The privacy threshold analysis (PTA) and PIA templates, based on the Department of Homeland Security’s public templates, help privacy professionals working in the U.S. federal government meet the new bar for privacy professionalism being set by the U.S. government. The templates are now available for free for IAPP members via the IAPP-OneTrust comprehensive PIA platform.

The availability of the U.S. Federal Agency templates for IAPP members adds to the existing comprehensive privacy management solutions offered by OneTrust, in partnership with the IAPP. The OneTrust product has been developed as a true community-driven collaboration with the IAPP’s global privacy professionals contributing knowledge and best practices.

As their needs evolve, IAPP members can take advantage of OneTrust’s integrated privacy management solutions, all within a single, comprehensive platform, by upgrading to:

  • advanced privacy impact assessment automation
  • data mapping automation
  • cookie compliance
  • Privacy Shield capabilities

We are excited to continue to meet the needs of privacy professionals globally, making OneTrust the most comprehensive and easiest-to-use privacy management software platform on the market.

To access the OneTrust U.S. Federal Agency Privacy Threshold Analysis and Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) templates for IAPP, please visit:

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