OneTrust is excited to announce registration for our PublisherConnect AdTech workshops is now open! The meeting hosted by OneTrust will feature all-new content for publishers, advertisers, and privacy professionals worldwide during our live event. 

Find for your chapter today: PublisherConnect 2021 

What will you learn at the PublisherConnect AdTech Workshops?   

The hour-long publisher and AdTech chapter meetings will enable attendees to discuss best practices and share expertise on the latest consent management trends in the publishing and media landscape. The chapter meetings will dive into key industry issues and trends, offering practical education and training for topics like different requirements set by privacy regulators and tech giants, such as Apple iOS 14, as well as challenges and opportunities publishers face in a complex space to maximize opt-ins, maintain personalization, monetization and generate a loyal customer base

All PublisherConnect chapter meetings will feature a panel where attendees can engage and ask questions about the recent publisher trends, AdTech, and industry shifts.  

What are the benefits of attending?   

In addition to learning the latest best practices, attendees can expect to receive access to free software tools, as well as: 

  • Learn more about the latest trends, techniques, and best practices to continue to deliver personalization, build trust, retain ad revenue. 
  • Explore how to future-proof your business for the next generation in the AdTech landscape. 
  • Understand different requirements set by privacy regulators and tech giants as well as challenges and opportunities publishers face in a complex space. 
  • Earn CPE credit for participating.  

What are the details of PublisherConnect?   

The chapter meetings are open to all publishers, advertisers, and privacy professionals. To offer tailored content relevant to attendee’s locations, workshops will be hosted in the following regions:  


Americas – All events 1:00 pm ET 

  • RSVP | PublisherConnect US | March 31 

Europe – All events 10:00 am GMT 

  • RSVP | PublisherConnect EU | June 8 

 If your location is not listed, we recommend signing up for the region closest to you or requesting a chapter by emailing. [email protected] 

Want to advance your career and meet advertising, marketing, and privacy professionals in your region? Register for a PublisherConnect chapter meeting today!    

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Next steps for PublisherConnect AdTech Workshops: