Welcome to our video series, innovators in Privacy Tech! At our global user conference in London, PrivacyTECH, we interviewed the best and the brightest minds in the privacy industry for their insights on everything from the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), the future of privacy, how to achieve sustainability in your privacy program and more.     

Today we have Tom Lemon, Managing Director- Technology Consultant at Protiviti. Protiviti is a global consulting firm that delivers deep expertise, objective insights, a tailored approach and unparalleled collaboration to help leaders confidently face the future. Their consulting solutions span critical business problems in technology, business process, analytics, risk, compliance, transactions and internal audit.

Achieving Sustainability 


Lemon notes that one of the key focus areas for the client’s he’s working with right now is achieving sustainability. We passed the 25th of May, we’ve invested a lot in data privacy over the last year or two as an industry, so what next? And how do we actually keep this going; how do we continue to improve what we’re doing and make sure that the investment we’ve made so far isn’t for nothing?

Some of the tips and advice Lemon gives to DPO’s and others around sustainability of their privacy program is to think about their operating model as a whole.

“The trick to make a sustainable privacy program is to make that live and breathe within the organization.”

According to Lemon, make sure that you’ve done simple things like document your operating model and make sure you communicate regularly to everyone that’s impacted by data privacy within your organization. Frankly, you should be communicating regularly with your customers, who also will have expectations of you as a company since you are the custodian of your customers data. It’s important to keep those lines of communication going beyond the project and program phase of your data privacy program into what is just the new world that we’re in now- the era of data privacy.

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