We’ve just wrapped up day two of TrustWeek 2020’s main conference. If you missed out on today’s sessions, don’t fret––this blog post will recap all the highlights from today’s events. 

Closing Keynote: Making Trust a Competitive Advantage 

During this keynote, OneTrust Kabir Barday spoke to three of the top minds in the industry about how they are rethinking privacy and security from compliance into an ethos of trust. Featuring Harvey Jang from Cisco, Mikko Niva from Vodafone, and Alisa Bergman from Adobe, this keynote was packed with key insights and advice.

Breakout Sessions 

How to Optimize Your OneTrust Deployment for LGPD 

In this session, attendees walked away with some of the key requirements and principles of the LGPD and learned how to operationalize their LGPD programs. Learn more

GRC Building Blocks: Automating IT Risk Management 

IT Risk Management is a foundational element to an overall risk management strategy. During this session, attendees learned how to automate their IT risk management and take their implementation to the next level. 

Delivering Personalization, Opt-ins, and Trust with Consent & Preference Management 

How can marketers and publishers drive opt-ins while building trust with their audiences? In this session, registrants walked away knowing about the latest in consent and preference management. Learn more

Great! You Have a Cookie Banner, but What About Your Mobile Apps? 

In this session, attendees learned how to protect privacy through mobile apps, discussed the new Apple ad changes, and discovered how to avoid the pitfalls of apps that send data to social platforms in the post-Schrems decision environment. Check it out

Beyond Personal Data: Expanding Privacy Best Practices into Broader Data Governance 

Registrants gained insight into how they can expand beyond personal data and integrate into a broader Data Governance program. Learn more

Rethinking the Privacy Policy: Dynamic Policies & Notices 

During this session, attendees learned about the increasing complexity and consumer comprehension of business’ privacy policies, as well as best practices that enable businesses to streamline policy management with confidence. 

For Keeps? Managing Data Retention Strategies 

Organizations across the globe have become more data-driven, but one of their biggest challenges is data retention. Attendees learned about data retention strategies during this TrustWeek session. 

OTT App Compliance: Providing Transparency and Choice to Video Streamers 

There are many challenges Over-the-Top (OTT) app owners deal with. How are privacy and user transparency respected within the applications? Is user consent being communicated to ad tech vendors to monetize personalized advertising? How do consent and preferences from an OTT app sync from one device to another? During this session, attendees learned about the immense growth, opportunities, and challenges for OTT, and received a deep dive into OneTrust’s OTT App Compliance solution that enables publishers and advertisers to capture consent and preferences from within OTT applications and CTV environments to support compliance with GDPR, CCPA, IAB TCF 2.0 and more. 

The CCPA is Here: What’s Changed and What You Need to Know 

While the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is now law, many key amendments and details about the law only passed just before the law’s effective date – meaning privacy and security pros are still working to build CCPA-compliant programs. In this session, we shared all the latest news on the CCPA law, including which amendments passed and how that impacts your privacy program. We’ll share a step-by-step plan for CCPA compliance and what to expect in the future for the CCPA, plus how the latest OneTrust product features help streamline your CCPA program

A Complete ISO Program from Policy to Audit Management 

Preparing for and maintaining ISO certification is no small task; it takes significant strategy and resources to scope and execute your audit. In this session, attendees learned how two of the latest OneTrust products, Policy Management and Audit Management, can support their existing privacy and security programs to streamline their ISO Compliance efforts. 

Mastering Awareness Training for Privacy & Security Teams 

In this session, registrants saw the OneTrust Awareness Training tool in action and learned about the latest product enhancements, features, and functionality. 

Whistleblowing: Creating a Modern-Day, Trusted Environment 

Just as whistleblower legislation is evolving for the modern-day, so should the technology solutions that help organizations comply. In this session, attendees learned how to go beyond the traditional hotline to create a trusted environment suited for today’s employees. Learn more

Global Privacy Laws: What’s New in 2020 

As the importance of data protection grows globally, several jurisdictions have introduced or announced their intention to introduce their first general data protection legislation. In this session, attendees got a global overview of the latest regulatory developments and upcoming data protection legislation, as well as the GDPR centric approach of many new data protection laws. 

TrustWeek 2020  

Tomorrow is the last day of TrustWeek 2020. Be sure to stick around for all OneTrust’s free certifications. Sign up for TrustWeek 2020 and use the hashtag #TrustWeek on social media.