How Cinemark unified global hotline reports and opened doors with analytics

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Cinemark operates 52o movie theaters and 5,849 screens in the U.S. and Latin America, so their employee reporting challenges are likely relatable to compliance teams at many large, globally dispersed corporations. When examining their hotline data and workflow, they found that reports were siloed in multiple departments who used totally unique metrics, creating an extremely manual and time-intensive process to investigate reports and examine trends across the business.

Patrick Burns, VP of Security Loss Prevention, recognized the importance of consistency across investigative practices and saw how Cinemark needed to streamline their data in order to generate faster response and resolution times.


“There’s no concern about who I call. Everybody knows that I go to Convercent [by OneTrust]. So, what we saw was a great improvement in our data. And for the first time, we really had a true understanding of our patterns and our trends that our company maintains for behavior and fraud and various things we do."


Patrick Burns, VP, Security & Loss Prevention


The challenge

Previously, Cinemark experienced a highly-manual process when it came to reporting and the investigative process, due to the data silos resulting from individual departmental data ownership and reporting. With HR, Legal, and Compliance owning and tracking separate data and KPIs, it is no wonder why investigations and reports were bogged down in inconsistent and hard-to-find metrics.

Additionally, there was a sense of mistrust in their data due to it being collected by different systems capturing different data. According to Burns, “The biggest problem you have when your data is inconsistent is that you can’t be certain you’re aiming or targeting the right things when you’re developing training programs. When you’re trying to decide if there are certain issues that need more attention, you don’t really know, you’re making some speculations. In my opinion, speculations can often lead to trouble because you might be going after the wrong area. This is the biggest problem that would lead anybody to want to have a Convercent-type platform. For me, recommending Convercent [by OneTrust] lies in that it allows you to truly begin to understand outcomes.”


Finding a solution with convercent by OneTrust

In order to improve efficiency and oversight in their investigative process, including risk mitigation and comprehensive data collection, Cinemark adopted the Convercent by OneTrust Helpline & Case Manager and Insights tools. Once there was a company-wide standard, Burns noticed a marked improvement in case resolution times, stating, “We’ve divided the country up into sections, so the person knows immediately ‘This case came in, this is my theater, I pick it up.’ So, our response times greatly increased. We almost never miss anything. In the past [we had times] where somebody thought the other person would pick it up and it would sit there. That doesn’t happen anymore. We also found that the resolution time greatly improved because we all understood how we’re measuring things and how we’re resolving things. We all understood how to define things, and as a result, we’re all on the same page with how we look at data, and we’re always finishing it in a faster method.”

After consolidating their efforts into the Helpline & Case Manager and Insights tools, Burns noticed a big payoff, “Everyone was on the same page using the same processes and definitions; the way cases are substantiated or resolved is consistent across teams and regions. This led to a big improvement in data.”


The outcome

  • Response time was minimized to 12 hours or less, and case resolution time went down by three-four days
  • Time spent creating board reports decreased from a full day every quarter to an hour or less
  • Consistent data collection at the individual case level now feeds into a comprehensive annual view, accurately reflecting trends and highlighting hot spots

Once Cinemark was all on the same page with the Helpline & Case Manager and Insights tools, their entire hotline operation, including board reporting, became more consistent and efficient. The oversight of their investigative process, including risk mitigation and comprehensive data collection, became more streamlined and centralized. According to Burns, “I value that time saved by funneling everything via Convercent [by OneTrust].”

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