How lonza revamped their data ecosystem and supercharged employee engagement

A chemical dropper leaves a droplet in a test tube

Lonza’s bioscience products and services range from cell culture and discovery technologies for research, to quality control tests and software for biomanufacturing. There is no leeway for imprecision or untested hypotheses – but their rigorous scientific standards were not being equally applied to their ethics and compliance reporting. As a result, employee engagement was suffering under that lack of clarity.

Will Simmons, Global Head of Investigations, Associate Director for the Law E&C Group, knew there was a path forward to increase employee engagement, discover actionable data, and consolidate everything into a single, powerful platform.


"I think any E&C professional is going to tell you that there’s no such thing as an unlimited budget or unlimited head count in everything. You have limited resources. Everybody does and the work keeps piling up. You need to be surgical and have ruthless prioritization in terms of how you handle things. Convercent [by OneTrust] and [its] tools allow you to ruthlessly prioritize and focus resources exactly where [they] need to go."


Will Simmons, Global Head of Investigations & Associate Director


The challenge

Before Convercent by OneTrust, Lonza collected all of the data they needed, but like many global organizations, that data lived in multiple places, making meaningful analysis unnecessarily difficult and labor intensive. Simmons stated, “Excel spreadsheets are great for certain projects, but for managing a compliance program and for running investigations – it just wasn’t the solution.” When scientific precision is literally your bread-and-butter product, good enough isn’t good enough. Reflecting on their manual process, Simmons said “I was able to pull reports. I have all of these numbers and sites in many locations; I was able to comb everything, but it wasn’t meaningful.”

Their operation was functional, but when held up to real world testing with their global workforce, it fell flat. “When we were looking back at the historical data, we looked at the type and number of cases that were coming in, and we realized that we were just not reaching folks.”


Finding a solution with convercent by OneTrust

Because of their values regarding rigorous testing and scientific innovation, Lonza decided to implement the Helpline & Case Manager and Insights tools. As soon as they adopted their new applications, Lonza saw an immediate transformation. “It was really a force multiplier,” Simmons said. “I can make two clicks and have everything there. There’s a lot of excitement behind it. It was one of the things that I remember walking into my manager’s office and being like, ‘This is a game changer for us.’”

No longer forced to draw manual reports from multiple sources, their productivity skyrocketed:  “The insights tool has been an absolute force multiplier and just has really made the work of one person, seem like the work of 50 people.” Simmons noticed a marked change in their workflow and credits the tool’s centralized data and analytics with creating change at Lonza. “That’s where the Convercent [by OneTrust] solution came in and gave us a one-stop shop to gather all of the information – not just in a digestible format, but something that can be utilized to speak to executives and the board, really helping to drive our programs so that we’re using information in real time to make a change in the organization.”


The outcome

  • Data was consolidated and enriched with live data, built-in reports, and analytics
  • Within three months, reports exceeded the number from the previous two years, triggering new data-driven campaigns
  • Increased engagement and transparency with employees, logging in with a single solution

After Lonza adopted the Helpline & Case Manager and Insights tools, they were able to immediately achieve more. “I have a tool that I can go into right now and with a few clicks, have everything I need to see right there,” Simmons said. With employee engagement on the rise and board reporting experiencing game-changing innovation, Lonza is happy with their partnership with Convercent by OneTrust. “It’s truly a partnership,” Simmons said. “There’s a lot of engagement. It’s collaborative development that you don’t have frankly with a lot of third parties – where you’re actually engaging back and forth.”


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