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Office Depot Europe provides customers with supplies and services needed to optimize workplace productivity. Their extensive range of products includes the latest technology, office supplies, print and document services, business services, facilities products, furniture, and school essentials.

Privacy takes a front seat in Office Depot’s operations, not only because it is a legal requirement, but because it is a valuable tool in understanding partners and building relationships with customers. As their portfolio grows, a strong privacy program gives Office Depot the confidence to adapt to the market’s needs.

Putting pen to paper to build a privacy program

Office Depot used the GDPR as an opportunity to take their privacy program to the next level. With operations in 10 European countries, they also took a closer look at privacy program localization to support many country-specific regulations. 

Rob Ploum, IT Compliance Officer at Office Depot, knew that a technology-based solution was critical to ensure ongoing compliance and offer transparency to partners, buyers, and vendors.  

After evaluating the market, OneTrust proved to be the best technology, at the right price, with the advanced integrations and innovation the IT compliance team, working closely together with the DPO and other departments like legal, Sales, Procument etc. needed to be successful.

“A key appeal of OneTrust was that so often they were the first to offer a solution to problems. The ability to adapt and innovate so quickly meant that they were the go-to company,” said Rob.

Just another day at the office: keeping privacy clear and simple

Office Depot selected OneTrust for Assessment Automation, Data Mapping, Data Subject Rights, and DataGuidance Regulatory Research. 

"A key appeal of OneTrust was that so often they were the first to offer a solution to problems, the ability to adapt and innovate so quickly meant that they were the go-to company."


Rob Ploum, IT Compliance Officer, Office Depot Europe

The Assessment Automation module is key in streamlining Office Depot’s privacy processes. Rob and his team made custom templates to cover all their processes. The first assessment addresses 15 key questions that automatically trigger other necessary assessments, for example, a DPIA for high-risk activities. With 50 different processes to assess, efficient management was a priority, and OneTrust enabled Office Depot to have all of the information available in one place. 

“I wouldn’t know how to assess all these processes without OneTrust,” said Rob.

OneTrust’s customized templates and central location helped the broader Office Depot team understand the role assessments play, leading to a stronger culture of privacy.

“People were often unsure of how to use assessments and were not fully aware of the consequences of non-compliance. But now, thanks to the IT Compliance team and OneTrust, employees across the company have a much greater understanding of the necessity and impact that these assessments have,” said Rob.

 The reduction of manual tasks was a key need for the privacy team and enables the team to work much more efficiently. In the single OneTrust platform to manage privacy, information collected from the assessments are then routed to OneTrust Data Mapping, seamlessly.

"People were often unsure of how to use assessments and were not fully aware of the consequences of non-compliance, but now thanks to OneTrust employees across the company have a much greater understanding of the necessity and impact that these assessments have."


Rob Ploum, IT Compliance Officer, Office Depot Europe

For privacy rights requests, the OneTrust Data Subject Rights (DSAR) module enables Office Depot to have clear visibility across all requests made from email communications. OneTrust’s DSAR module facilitates a swift and efficient process that helps the Office Depot team action responses on time, keeping customer service a top priority. 

OneTrust DataGuidance played a key role in Office Depot’s localization program, keeping the privacy team up to date with the latest developments in the European privacy landscape through a wealth of reports and tailored updates. Having all the local variations at their fingertips put the team in a confident position as they stepped up their privacy operations across Europe.

Privacy-Centric growth for office depot’s privacy program

OneTrust made a significant impact on Office Depot Europe’s privacy operations. It made their approach to privacy not only more efficient, but they also have their data and reports available on demand. This makes privacy part of our business and processes. Privacy by Design is now a practice and not just a principle. This enhanced privacy program echoes throughout their brand perception: both customers and vendors value the transparency.

"We can assess thousands of assessments as a team of 4. We simply couldn’t do this without OneTrust."


Rob Ploum, IT Compliance Officer, Office Depot Europe

For Office Depot, the return on investment is clear. The volume of assessments and diversity of operations has only been possible with OneTrust as the solution. The growth in privacy operations that the team has seen and been able to take on just wouldn’t have been possible if it was still being done manually. 

“We can assess thousands of assessments as a team of 4. We simply couldn’t do this without OneTrust,” said Rob


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