Are You a Trusted Vendor? 10 Things Every Customer Wants to Know

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Besides answering privacy questionnaires, what other ways can you demonstrate that you are a trusted vendor? Could you reduce the length and amount of questionnaires you receive by aggregating enough security, privacy, compliance, and reliability details into a single “profile” to deliver to inquiring customers?


As is often the case, undergoing a compliance evaluation can take a significant amount of time, slowing your sales teams down and delaying a customer’s ability to work with you. Privacy questionnaires (and the work that goes into answering them) are often the biggest time-consuming components of evaluations.


Eliminating privacy questionnaires altogether is highly unlikely, but by taking a proactive approach to compliance evaluations, you can build trust through transparency, showing your customers that you take their most pressing concerns seriously. So, what 10 things do your customers want to know about your trust program? In this webinar, we’ll explain by exploring:


– Why “trust” is becoming a competitive advantage


– How gaining trust with customers upfront can help speed up sales cycles


– What security, privacy, and compliance documentation customers want to see


– How organizations reduce the amount of custom questionnaires they receive

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