Establishing Trust: How to Make the Third-Party Risk Relationship Work

1 HOUR | December 14 | 11am EST | 4pm GMT

Webinar Third-Party Risk

Today, outsourcing operations to third parties is no longer the exception – it’s the expectation. However, trust between you and your third parties is difficult to establish, and perhaps even harder to maintain. With ransomware on the rise and supply chain resilience at the forefront, businesses must work closely with their third parties to understand if they have adequate safeguards and policies in place to defend against disruptions.


Conversely, nearly every modern organization is a “third party” to another business, whether as a software vendor or service provider. As a result, businesses must routinely demonstrate to customers that they are a trusted organization. Failure to do so can hurt a company’s bottom line.


There are challenges to every business relationship, from both the buyer and the seller. So, how can we work together to establish mutual trust? In this panel webinar, you’ll hear from professionals on both sides of the equation as they discuss long-term strategies and short-term tactics to work better together. Panelists will answer the following questions:

  • How can businesses and vendors work together to streamline risk assessments?
  • What can buyers do to make life easier for sellers and vice versa?
  • Where are opportunities for automation that can save time for both sides?
  • How can we enable each other to build a stronger business relationship and reduce risk?

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