Data is everywhere and drives the economy, technology and apps around us. Data is also a core element to effective privacy, security and trust programs. Companies need an AI-driven data discovery solution.

If a company doesn’t know what data they have, how can it protect that data? If a person makes an access request, how can a company adequately respond without understanding what data links to that individual? How can a company keep track of how this data is shared across systems and apps, and with third (and fourth…and fifth…) parties?

Knowing your data is a key privacy, security, and trust , and today, OneTrust is launching OneTrust DataDiscoveryTM to help organizations meet that critical need.

What is OneTrust DataDiscovery?

OneTrust DataDiscovery is a complete solution for data discovery and classification integrated into the entire OneTrust platform.

OneTrust DataDiscovery helps companies understand what data they have across all systems and assets (cloud, on-premise, legacy), and all data types (structured, unstructured, semi-structured).

The technology helps customers automatically fulfill privacy right requests under the GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, PDPA and others, as well as demonstrate compliance with built-in reporting and governance.

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What makes OneTrust DataDiscovery unique?

OneTrust DataDiscovery is built by the same team that created the most widely-used privacy, security and trust platform. OneTrust DataDiscovery includes:

How does OneTrust DataDiscovery work?

OneTrust DataDiscovery completes the end-to-end process from discovery to demonstrating compliance and works in five key steps: find, discover, correlate, fulfill and comply.

  1. Find your data: Discover all of your systems and data assets, and auto-populate this information into dynamic data inventories.
  2. Discover, categorize and classify your data: Leverage over 500 out-of-the-box connectors, or build your own through the custom connection builder, to discover the data in each system, including structured and unstructured sources and cloud, on-premise and legacy systems.
  3. Correlate data to people: Link data to identities to understand where all the data for an individual is held throughout your business.
  4. Fulfill privacy rights requests: Automate the completion of privacy rights requests (access, deletion, and more) from intake to fulfillment.
  5. Comply with global regulations: Comply with GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, PDPA and others with compliance reports and visuals, suggestions from OneTrust DataGuidance, consent records linking, intelligent breach response, and more.

How does OneTrust DataDiscovery fit into the broader OneTrust platform?

With OneTrust DataDiscovery, our customers get access to the most complete technology to solve privacy, security and trust challenges. Customers can “know their data” with OneTrust DataDiscovery, “know the laws” with OneTrust DataGuidance, and use that knowledge to intelligently automate compliance across the full platform with OneTrust Athena.

These three technologies form the intelligent core of the OneTrust platform – and are built-in to all of our apps, including OneTrust Privacy, Vendorpedia, PreferenceChoice, GRC and Ethics.

How can I learn more about OneTrust DataDiscovery?

Register for our webinar to learn about OneTrust DataDiscovery – our AI-driven data discovery solution.

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