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Improve the reporting experience with preferred language reporting

September 28, 2021


The needs of the modern ethics reporter have changed, and organizations need to mature their speak-up programs to provide the most user-friendly experience; this includes being able to speak in their preferred language. Convercent by OneTrust have announced enhanced global Call Center operations aims to have at least 90 percent of calls handled in a reporter’s preferred language without the assistance of an interpreter to make reporters feel more comfortable and provide more accurate helpline reports.  

See how it works: Helpline and Case Manager

The EU Whistleblower Directive sets out a minimum standard on how organizations should handle and respond to reports made by whistleblowers, with the first deadline to comply being December 17, 2021. The requirements include reviewing the performance of any existing whistleblower helplines, and updating internal processes to align with the directive.

By leveraging Convercent’s enhanced call center capabilities and enabling employees to submit reports in their language of choice, organizations can comply with the EU directive and at the same time capture the most accurate and detailed reports possible. 

How does the enhanced global call center improve the reporting experience?

The enhanced functionality will offer increased data security to the global customer base currently using Convercent’s Helpline and Case Manager, with call centers in multiple locations around the world. This enhancement builds on the global experience Convercent has established through in-market customer support, tech support, and European data storage.

The enhanced global Call Center operations include a range of features to help organizations improve the reporting experience, including:

  • Local Reporting Capabilities: The enhanced solution will help provide reporters with access to call centers operating in their preferred language with locations across the US and Europe. 
  • Increased Language Support: The enhanced operations will offer increased language support to allow reporters to choose their preferred language. Targeted languages including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Romanian, Portuguese, Greek, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, Hungarian, Mandarin, and Russian. 
  • Smart IVR Capabilities: The global Call Centers are equipped with smart interactive voice response (IVR), which leverages AI capabilities to help get questions answered prior to agent answering and provides agent access to general customer data. 
  • One-Step Dialing: Global Call Center customers will continue to benefit from one-step dialing and reliable phone lines, and will see an increase in reporting accuracy and improved reporter experience.

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