Speak-Up Culture Assurance

Build an inclusive workplace culture and develop trust

Protect your organization from risk, meet compliance requirements, and strengthen your speak-up culture with OneTrust Speak-Up Culture Assurance.

  • Promote psychological safety for reporters with multi-channel helplines
  • Streamline investigations to close cases 48% faster than industry average
  • Reduce risk through disclosure management 


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Operationalize and Demonstrate Ethical Leadership 

Remove barriers for employees, third parties, and partners with tools that enable communication without penalty or fear of retaliation. A transparent helpline with anonymity options creates a safe space for whistleblowers to ask for guidance, raise concerns, flag ethical risks, and more.

A web video and a draft for a accountablilty culture statement.

Build trust with your team members, streamline investigations, elevate your internal reporting rate, and close cases faster with our ethics case management software. Customization enables you to follow up with confidence and ensure the quality of your investigations is maintained.

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Separate disclosure management from traditional case management to empower employees to report potential conflicts of interest while allowing you to effectively manage disclosures. Automated workflows and reporting systems equip you with a visual of key trends and risk areas.

A dialogue box showing a series of privacy education courses, the number of employees enrolled in those courses, and an option to export data on attendance.

Explore Speak-Up Culture Assurance modules 

Helpline and Case Management

Remove barriers for reporters and streamline investigations.

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Disclosure Management

Reduce risk with conflict of interest (COI) disclosure management software.

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Speak-up culture toolkit: Helpline and case management

Customer testimonial

We found that the resolution time greatly improved. We almost never miss anything.
Patrick Burns, VP, Security & Loss Prevention, Cinemark
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Hotlines tend to refer to call centers for whistleblowers to raise concerns regarding their work environment. We use the term “helpline” because our Helpline and Case Management software includes multi-channel reporting options that meet employees where they are – with call center, web, SMS, and open-door intake options for raising concerns.

Regulations vary by region, industry, and more. We’ll partner with you to determine the best path for strengthening your speak-up culture and meeting compliance requirements with regulations like the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive.

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