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Privacy and Data Governance

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PIA and DPIA Automation

Automate PIAs, DPIAs, and privacy by design (PbD) with dynamic templates, flexible workflows, and integration into existing business tools and processes.

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Data Mapping Automation

Maintain evergreen data inventories of assets, processes, and vendors to understand data processing and generate records of processing (RoPA), data flow maps, and evaluate international data transfers.

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Privacy Rights Automation

Automate the fulfillment of privacy rights requests (DSRs) including intake, ID verification, data discovery, data redaction, and secure response.

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Privacy Incident Management

Streamline response to incidents and data breaches including intake, assessment and investigation workflows, and automated notification guidance and templates.

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Third-Party Risk Management

Manage the ongoing analysis of the privacy practices of your third parties with standard-based templates, risk workflows, and pre-completed vendor assessments.

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Digital Policy Management

Centrally draft and manage privacy policies and notices with pre-built templates, approval workflows, automated population of information like RoPA and cookie lists, and central hosting across all digital properties.

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Privacy Training

Comply with regulations and build a privacy-first and data-literate culture with employee awareness training content designed by privacy and data governance experts.

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DataGuidance Research

Stay up to date on privacy and security developments through a central portal delivering same-day updates from 40 in-house researchers and 1,500 legal contributors.

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Data Discovery

Understand what data you have where, what is sensitive, and what is bringing risk to the business.

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Data Catalog

Enable business users to easily find and leverage the data they need to drive business value.

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Consent and Preference Management

Give individuals control over their data, consent, and preferences with a single, end-user-facing portal.

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Mobile App Consent

Collect consent through mobile apps and maintain records for compliance.

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Cookie Consent

Deliver dynamic experiences that maximize opt-ins and support first-party data capture.

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OTT and CTV Consent

Capture and communicate consent and preferences from within Smart TVs, OTT applications and connected TV environments to support compliance.

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GRC and Security Assurance

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Enterprise Policy Management

Centrally manage, monitor, edit, update and audit all policies and notices across multiple languages.

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Security Certification Compliance

Automate security standards and manage the entire certification process, including third-party audits and internal compliance.

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IT and Security Risk Management

Map, measure, and action IT risk in real-time to scale your risk management programs.

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Security Incident Management

Centrally manage security incident investigations, documentation, and notifications to meet global requirements.

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Third-Party Risk Management

Automate the entire third-party lifecycle, including onboarding, assessment, risk mitigation, reporting, monitoring, and offboarding.

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Third-Party Risk Exchange

Easily access risk analytics and control gap reports on thousands of vendors across 18 risk domains and critical standards, frameworks, and laws.

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Audit Management

Streamline audits with an extensive library of controls, visibility into control testing and status, and configurable workflows.

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Ethics and Compliance

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Interactive Code of Conduct

Drive employee engagement with a dynamic, online experience tailored to your brand and values while collecting actionable data to improve your program.

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Ethics Policy Management

Transform your policy governance process and consistency with integrated authoring, embedded workflows, automated campaigns, and attestation management.

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Ethics Training

Elevate awareness with engaging, modern courses that are customizable for your employees’ specific needs.

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Third-Party Due Diligence

Manage third-party risk with automated screening, due diligence, risk management, and ongoing monitoring.

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Helpline and Case Management

Remove barriers for reporters and close cases faster with helplines configured for the needs of your business.

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Disclosure Management

Increase visibility and reduce risk by tracking, managing, and monitoring disclosures on an ongoing basis.

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ESG and Sustainability

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Scope 1 and 2 Accounting

Calculate, understand, reduce, offset, and disclose your Scope 1 and 2 emissions, including energy consumption and mobile combustion.

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Reductions and Offset Marketplace

Build a tailor-made carbon reduction plan that is in line with the latest climate science and offset emissions that you cannot yet reduce.

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ESG Program Reporting and Disclosures

Streamline ESG data collection and reporting with centralized management and action-oriented analysis.

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Investor Portfolio Management

Implement fully compliant ESG reporting and program management, and carbon accounting for your portfolio.

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Scope 3 Accounting

Calculate and understand your Scope 3 emissions such as purchased goods and services, water and waste from your office buildings, and business travel.

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Supplier Due Diligence

Build a more responsible supply chain and reduce reputational risk by assessing suppliers, tracking adherence to policies, and holding them accountable.

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Integration Marketplace

Largest Network of Turnkey Integrations and Open API Framework
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Laws & Frameworks Registry

Largest Index of Privacy Laws and Guidance, Updated Daily
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