Products to Operationalize Privacy, Security, and Data Governance Programs

Powered by DataGuidance™ Regulatory Research and the OneTrust Athena™ AI and Robotic Automation Engine

OneTrust Platform Overview

Privacy Management

Graph on Laptop Icon for Maturity and Benchmarking

Maturity & Benchmarking

Assess the maturity of your privacy, security, and data governance programs and benchmark against similar organizations

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Magnifying Glass Over Book Icon for DataGuidance™ Research

DataGuidance™ Research

Regulatory research portal powered by 40 in-house researchers and 800 legal contributors across 300 jurisdictions

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Two People With Comment Box Icon for Awareness Training

Awareness Training

Build a “privacy-first” culture through industry, role, and regulation specific awareness training courses delivered through OneTrust’s built-in LMS or imported into your existing LMS

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Clipboard and Pen Icon for Assessment Automation

Assessment Automation

Operationalize privacy impact assessments (PIAs), data protection impact assessments (DPIAs), privacy by design (PbD), and other internal privacy and security assessments

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Globe Icon for Data Icon

Data Mapping

Maintain an evergreen map of data flows, cross-border transfers, and complete records of processing

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Laptop Icon with Graph for Data Discovery

Data Discovery & Classification

Automatically find IT systems, discover and classify the data within, map personal data to identities, and keep your data map and compliance reporting evergreen

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Open Box Icon for VRM

Vendor Risk Management

Manage the full vendor lifecycle, assess your vendor’s privacy and security practices, link vendors to your record of processing, and collaborate with vendors to assess the impact of cross border data transfers

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Exclamation Mark on Folder Icon for Incident Breach Management

Incident Management

Operationalize your incident response plan, manage the incident lifecycle, and get automated breach notification guidance across hundreds of breach notification laws

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Scale Icon for DSAR

Privacy Rights (DSAR)

Manage the full privacy rights (DSAR) request workflow from intake to fulfillment with pre-built workflows and guidance for GDPR, CCPA, LGPD and other privacy regulations with privacy rights requirements

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Grouping Graph Icon for Targeted Data Discovery™

Targeted Data Discovery™

Leverage robotic automation to automate the manual tasks required to fulfill a privacy rights request including discovering, deleting, and updating an individual’s data in other IT systems

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File Folder Icon for DSAR Redaction

DSAR Redaction

Leverage AI-driven classification to scan and redact files and emails as part of the privacy rights (DSAR) fulfillment process

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Mobile Phone with Checkmark Icon for CCPA Toll-Free Number

CCPA Toll-Free Number

Satisfy CCPA requirements for a toll-free number intake option for consumer rights by leveraging managed service options for a shared or dedicated line or integrate with your existing IVR provider

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Consent & Preference Management

Bitten Cookie Icon for Cookie Consent

Cookie Consent

Scan your websites to identify cookies and trackers and generate geo-specific cookie banners, preference centers, and cookie policies

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Mobile Phone with Checkmark Icon for Mobile Consent

Mobile App Consent

Scan mobile apps and generate native mobile user experiences to gain consent for analytics, advertising, and other types of mobile tracking

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Data on Computer Icon for Over-the-Top (OTT) Devices

OTT App Consent

Manage consent and preferences across Over-the-Top (OTT) devices

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Identity Card with Checkmark Icon for Universal Consent Management

Universal Consent Management

Collect, centralize, and sync user consent data across channels, platforms, and systems

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Identity Card with Checkmark Icon for Universal Consent Management

Preference Management

Collect and centralize preferences, consent, and first-party data and provide transparency & choice to users through configurable preference centers

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Clipboard and Checkmark Icon for Policy & Notice Management

Policy & Notice Management

Centrally create, edit, and distribute privacy policies, notices, and disclosures

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Third-Party Risk Management

Exclamation Mark in Circle for Vendor Risk Management

Vendor Assessments

Identify and mitigate vendor risks based on key use cases and standards

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Two Circles Being Connected Icon for Vendor Exchange

Vendorpedia Exchange

Access research on thousands of vendors – big and small – updated daily

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Document with Green Lines Icon for Contracts and DPA

Contracts & DPAs

Report on key contract terms and manage a single vendor repository

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Green Chart on Laptop Screen for TPRM Ongoing Monitoring

Ongoing Monitoring

Get vendor alerts on critical security & privacy changes, incidents & breaches

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Circular Arrow With Two People Icon TPRM Chasing Services

Chasing Services

Offload work to the OneTrust team to rapidly complete vendor assessments

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Governance, Risk, Compliance

Dashboard Screen Icon for IT Security Risk Management

IT Security Risk Management

Identify, measure, report, respond and monitor what really matters to your business

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City Icon for Enterprise & Operational Risk

Enterprise & Operational Risk

Integrate risk across your business processes to gain real-time insights

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Receipt Icon for Audit & Controls Management

Audit & Controls Management

Streamline auditing efforts with a guided workflow to complete reporting requirements

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Exclamation Mark in Circle for Vendor Risk Management

Vendor Risk Management

Centralize vendors and work across teams by automating the vendor engagement lifecycle

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Green Cross on Shield for Policy Management

Policy Management

Map business practices to meet the standards of internal rules and external regulations

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Integration Marketplace

Largest Network of Turnkey Integrations and Open API Framework
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Laws & Frameworks Registry

Largest Index of Privacy Laws and Guidance, Updated Daily
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