Build a Successful Conflict of Interest Management Program

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Consolidate Your Disclosures

COI software for conflicts of interest, gifts, travel, entertainment, and questionnaires.

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Employee Enablement

Provide employees with access to maintain their disclosure status at any time, reducing time spent on follow-up.

Disclosure Automation

Gain ethics and compliance team efficiency by eliminating the manual process of managing disclosures.

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Proactive Reporting

Gauge real-time disclosure program effectiveness by tracking completion rates, correlation to helpline-reported issues, and more.

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International Jeweler Unifies Their Multi-Faceted Code of Conduct

Whether it’s a new Code of Conduct or a GTE disclosures campaign, we can mine that information to see how many disclosures are completed, are still in process, or are ignored by the recipient. It’s a level of insight we haven’t had in the past and is a critical element to making smarter decisions about building our culture of ethics.

Richard Blum, Director of Ethics and Compliance

Streamline the Disclosure Lifecycle

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Automate Disclosure Workflows

Leverage smart workflows to simplify the distribution and approval of disclosure questionnaires. Target specific employee groups using integrations with your HR business system, and customize each workflow according to the rules, messages, and reminders that map to your business needs and regulatory requirements. Automatically track completion rates so you only need to step in when action is required.

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Prevent Conflicts of Interest

The best way to mitigate risk is to identify and mitigate the risk before it becomes a real issue. Disclosure Management equips ethics and compliance professionals with a dashboard to visualize disclosure information and analyze potential risks to maintain compliance with laws and regulations, and to ensure alignment with your organization’s policies and values.

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Maximize Impact with Integrations

Disclosure Management can integrate with your HR software to deliver rules-based campaigns to the right audience at the right time and compare employee activity with actions. Additionally, you can get a full view of campaigns, training, and policies within the context of your comprehensive compliance program.

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