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Disclosure Management

Increase visibility and reduce risk with conflict of interest software

Automate how you track, manage, and monitor disclosures to meet regulatory reporting requirements and protect your organization’s reputation. 

  • Consolidate your disclosures for conflicts of interest (COI), gifts, travel, entertainment, and more 
  • Eliminate time-consuming follow-up by enabling employees to update their disclosure status 
  • Measure program efficacy with proactive reporting processes and dashboards 

Image showing open disclosures, a graphic of the average number of days in each stage of review, and assignments of approval stages.

Streamline the disclosure lifecycle

Disclosure Management can integrate with existing data sources, like your HR software, to deliver rules-based campaigns to the right audience at the right time and compare employee activity with actions.  

Image showing the automation of disclosure workflows by assigning approval stages to employees

Visualize disclosure information and analyze potential risks to maintain compliance with external reporting requirements and ensure alignment with your organization’s policies and values. 

Image showing the number of open disclosures, and charts showing the number of disclosures by stage, and average number of days in each stage

Maintain a consolidated audit trail with relevant documents and reports from source systems that are required by regulators and stakeholders. 

Image showing a MFA for remote network access being required for a standard or framework.
June 13, 2024

EthicsConnect: Speak Up - Balancing Regulation with a Genuine 'Safe Space' for Employees

Network with fellow ethics professionals, collaborate in break out rooms, and learn how to over the challenges of meeting EU Whistleblower Directive compliance from experts.

Customer testimonial

We can mine that information to see how many disclosures are completed, are still in process, or are ignored by the recipient. It’s a level of insight we haven’t had in the past and is a critical element to making smarter decisions about building our culture of ethics.
Richard Blum, Director of Ethics and Compliance, Signet Jewelers

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