Centralize Your Policies

Organized Policy Folder Icon

Maintain a Single Source of Truth

Stop the proliferation of uncontrolled policies with a centralized single source of truth.

Circular Arrows Lifecycle Icon for Streamline Audits

Automate Policy Reviews

Predefined workflows keep policy authoring and approvals simple and transparent.

Policy Review Icon

Manage Policy Versioning

Compliance professionals and authors can edit, organize, or access any policy version, while employees only see the most recent.

Icon for Policy Revision

Collaborate in Real Time

Author and edit your policies online from one central location to ensure accuracy and eliminate confusion.

DISH Network

How DISH Network Consolidated Their Efforts and Jumpstarted Their Compliance Operations

Having an integrated solution at DISH has been amazing in terms of ease of use, [and] having a centralized place to find all of the things that we need.

AK Miller, HR Compliance Manager

One Holistic Approach to All Your Ethics Policies

Ethics Policy Management Screen Example

Streamline Policy Governance

With integrated workflow and Microsoft Word Ethics Policy Management enables you to accelerate policy authoring, review, and approval from inception to publication.

Action Item Complete Rate Example

Automate and Track Employee Action Items

Our built-in campaigns tool lets you create automated email touchpoints with action items, like a new policy attestation. You can target relevant individuals, track completions on assigned tasks, and even automate your follow-up.

Employee Policy Attestation Software Dashboard Example

Make Policy Attestation Simple for Employees

Minimize the time spent on policy attestations with a frictionless employee experience. Employees simply log in to view their action items, download the policy and attest with a single signature — keeping employees productive and maximizing your on-time completion rates.

Ethics Policy Management Dashboard

Clarify Organizational Risk

When paired with our Speak-Up Program, Ethics Policy Management will directly link a case to one or more policies that were violated, identifying policies with repeated misconduct so you can improve your ethics program. And enabling wet signatures will physically amend a signed policy with a date and timestamp, adding a layer of defense for your organization.

Get Started with Ethics Policy Management

See how you can simplify policy administration.

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