Drive Helpline Awareness and Simplify Case Management

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Empower Reporters

Ensure that employees, third parties, and customers have the necessary tools to raise concerns or flag risks.

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Provide Multi-Channel Intake

Improve reporting rates by meeting employees where they are – with call center, web, SMS, and open-door intake options.

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Support Your Global Workforce

Our US and EU call centers are equipped to handle over 300 languages, while web intake can translate 54 different languages.

Streamline Investigations

Close cases 48% faster than industry average by assigning current or future tasks to investigators and tracking their progress along the way.

Reinforce a Culture of Trust

Communicate anti-retaliation policies and automate follow-ups. Keep reporters informed on progress with anonymized, opt-in email alerts.

Establish Your Speak-Up Culture

Hotline Deployment Example

Deploy Hotlines Designed for Reporters and Admins

Whether you’re prioritizing speedy implementation, maturing your speak-up program, or seeking support for managing a significant reporting volume, we will provide the helpline and case management solution that’s best for your organization. Whistleblowers benefit from an intuitive interface that empowers them to set preferences for anonymity and submit reports with confidence while case managers experience an organized investigation protocol.

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Surface the Right Information, at the Right Time

Provide a single, easy-to-digest source of truth for every employee and track engagement with built-in analytics for continuous program improvement. Deliver real-time content and E&C program updates that not only keep employees and stakeholders educated on regulatory guidelines and pertinent program details, but also drive information retention on important information like anti-retaliation policies.

Case Monitoring Solution Dashboard Example

Collaborate In-Platform and Communicate with Reporters

A centralized case management solution maximizes collaboration across your case management process. Opt-in email alerts keep reporters informed and allow investigators and compliance teams to communicate directly with reporters, even those who wish to remain anonymous. Automate the reporter outreach for retaliation follow-ups and ensure clear paths for all reporters, anonymous and named, to report retaliation when it occurs.

Ethics Case Management Dashboard Customization Example

Customize Based on Your Needs

Compliance incident reports are rarely simple. Helpline and Case Management allows for unlimited administrators to be added to a case, at no charge. Custom permissions keep departments like HR engaged but protect sensitive information. You can also add multiple allegations to each case and manage each to closure.

Get Started with Helpline and Case Management

See how you can strengthen your speak-up culture, streamline investigations, and close cases faster with OneTrust.

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