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Helpline and Case Management

Protect reporters and streamline investigations

Build an early warning whistleblower channel and case management system to develop trust with your employees, elevate your reporting rate, and close cases 48% faster than the industry average. 

  • Empower employees, third parties, and customers with an anonymous reporting hotline 
  • Improve reporting rates with call center, web, and SMS intake options
  • Communicate anti-retaliation policies and automate reporter follow-ups 

Image of publishing a statement on speaking up, a button to speak up and report a concern online, and an example of a submitted report.

Establish your speak-up culture

Reporters benefit from an interface that empowers them to set anonymity preferences and submit reports with confidence. Case managers experience organized workflows to streamline their investigation protocol. 

Image showing an example of steps in the issue manager to submit reports.

Whether you’re prioritizing implementation, program maturity, or support for managing a large volume of submissions, we will provide the whistleblowing solution that’s best for your organization. Our platform allows unlimited administrators and custom permissions to protect sensitive information. 

Image showing a summary of a violations report submitted in the issue manager

Our US and EU call centers are equipped to handle over 300 languages, while web intake can translate 54 different languages so you can best support your multi-language workforce. 

Image illustrating the various ways to communicate, either to submit a report online, call the ethics line, or by SMS.

Deliver real-time content with ethics and compliance program notifications that keep employees and stakeholders educated and drive information retention on important information like anti-retaliation policies. 

Image showing a statement on the importance of speaking up along with a publish button

A centralized case management solution maximizes two-way communication with automated email alerts for reporters and direct lines of communication between investigators, compliance management teams, and reporters. 

An image showing an automated email alert thanking the reporter and asking if they have experienced any retaliation for speaking up

September 12, 2024

From reactive to proactive: Transforming your ethics & compliance program

Join this webinar to hear experts explore actionable strategies employed by Ethics & Compliance programs to drive a more ethical culture.

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Customer testimonial

We also found that the resolution time greatly improved because we all understood how we’re measuring things and how we’re resolving things.
Patrick Burns, VP, Security & Loss Prevention, Cinemark
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Demonstrate your speak-up culture

Comply with whistleblowing laws and build trust in your organization by sharing anonymized evidence of your program's success with the support of OneTrust Helpline and Case Management platform module. 


OneTrust maintains dedicated hosting and GDPR-compliant storage in the European Union, so you get the highest level of security and data privacy controls. 


Ensure end-to-end anonymity and address retaliation fears, and more to support EU Whistleblower Protection Directive compliance. 


Enforce investigation standards throughout the case management process to meet SOX compliance requirements and avoid reputational damage. 

ISO 27001

Data protection and information security is key for any whistleblower platform. OneTrust supports ISO27001 certification. 

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