How to successfully implement ISO 27001 to demonstrate security and assurance across any jurisdiction

Most organisations work towards an ISO 27001 certification because a customer requires it. This may be your case, or you may be expanding into new markets and require an internationally recognised security framework that provides an excellent baseline to reinforce consistency within your organisation and demonstrate security assurance across any jurisdiction.

While ISO 27001 provides significant benefits to your security and infosec governance program, it can be challenging to scope, implement controls and policies, and monitor – especially as organizations look to the latest ISO 27001:2022 which has significant structure and requirement changes. 

Hear first-hand from Nicholas Musion, CISO at Ardoq, what are the best practices to get certified and how automation can simplify your ISO compliance journey. You will leave this fire-side chat knowing how to:

  • By-pass some of the common pain points organisations encounter before their audit.
  • Identify key use-cases where controls and evidence collection can be automated to save time and resources.
  • Leverage the work you’ve done in ISO to measure or test once and comply many across over 31+ different frameworks.

Featured speakers

Hayley Pettitt

Senior Solutions Engineer

Nicholas Murison


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