Introducing OneTrust Certification Automation: Reinforce privacy accountability with automated InfoSec compliance

InfoSec Compliance is a foundational requirement for building your business to reinforce security practices internally and build trust externally. But it’s hard to maintain the visibility needed to keep a pulse on your security compliance posture at any given point in time. The frequent changes over the past three years across InfoSec frameworks have only exacerbated this challenge, resulting in severely audit-fatigued security professionals at its best and a disengaged workforce at its worst.

Either way, the time invested across resources to design, test, track, and adapt your InfoSec programs can often lead to diminishing returns – this is where OneTrust Certification Automation is here to help!

OneTrust Certification Automation is the first solution to combine functional capabilities, compliance content, and pre-built integrations packaged within an intuitive user experience to help businesses transcend traditional compliance barriers and make risk and InfoSec practices operational for all.

During this session, you’ll hear from Blake Brannon, Chief Strategy Officer, Patrick Murray, VP of Product Management, and Jose Costa Senior Director of the GRC Labs team to learn more about how Certification Automation is leading the charge in the next wave of evolution for risk and compliance.

Webinar topics include:

  • Right-size your compliance scope for different frameworks across various business dimensions.
  • Test once, comply many, for over 29+ privacy and InfoSec frameworks.
  • Enable an agile audit process by breaking down complex InfoSec requirements into actionable tasks.
  • Stay continuously compliant by automating evidence collection.

On-demand webinar coming soon...

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