Operationalize and Strengthen Your Culture of Ethics, Compliance, and Transparency

A screen from the Speak-Up Culture Assurance module that displays a YouTube video from a company's CEO explaining why protecting whistleblowers is important.

Empower and Protect Reporters

Empower employees, third parties, and partners with the tools they require to communicate openly without penalty. A transparent helpline allows stakeholders to ask for guidance, raise concerns, flag ethical-related risks, and more. This means making your company’s multi-channel helpline visible and accessible while providing anonymous communication between case handlers and reporters to create trust.

A portion from the Speak-Up Culture Assurance module that presents the user with a list of reported incidents.

Streamline Ethics and Compliance Case Management

Build trust with your employees, streamline investigations, elevate your reporting rate, and close cases 48% faster than the industry average with our ethics case management software. Customization enables you to configure the required information to collaborate with confidence and ensure the quality of your investigations is maintained.

A screen from the Speak-Up Culture Assurance module that shows an incident's workflow and stakeholder assignment management.

Simplify Disclosure Management

Separate disclosure management from traditional case management. This empowers employees to report potential conflicts of interest while providing you with the tools to effectively manage those disclosures. Rules-based workflows and intuitive reporting helps automate the disclosure management process and equips you with a visual of key trends and risk areas.

Sections from the Speak-Up Culture module that includes an incident report and workflow.

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